Has ranked always been so grind heavy?

lol, if that’s accurate then this distribution has the fattest left tail of any I’ve ever seen, hahaha :slight_smile:

But I have no trouble imagining TC doing it exactly like this… So basically, you need to be in the top 25% of the global player base to get out of Silver…

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Lol to be honest thats how it feels to me right now.

I gave up on ranked a while ago, but in Op1 i did manage to dip into Gold 1 for THREE GAMES, and then got booted down to silver… Mid onyx in GoW4… donno… maybe a lot of really good players just joined G5 who didn’t play GoW4…

Lol I dont think so. I think its a multi prong problem. Anyway you look at it it shouldnt be 15k points to get to Gold I. And 5k points from Gold I to Top 1% of Masters. Part II problem: Gears 4 kept your historical data as part of your Skill rating and placement. Where there are some negatives to this it made initial placement more accurate. The net result is you end up facing a lot of Diamonds and Masters in Bronze/Silver where in the past they probably place Onyx or higher (part III problem-matchmaking).


In Season 7 GOW 4 i placed Gold 3 for KOTH and Onyx 1 for 2v2. Finished KOTH Onyx2/3 and 2v2 Diamond 4. In Gears 5 i placed Bronze I in both. Im now Bronze 2 Top 25% in 2v2 and Silver 1 Top 80% in KOTH. Im not really moving much in 2v2 currently, which is what I have been playing the most. I have been moving pretty quickly up in KOTH, but i havent played for a few days.

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