Has ranked always been so grind heavy?

I’ve been playing gears since the start when gears 5 dropped I played on release a few days and forget about it just got on 2/3 days ago since launch.I know there’s problems with ranked and placements I won all my 5 of those 3 I was mvp and 2 still good scores. Ended in bronze 1? I played about 5/6 matches afterwards lost first game then won all others ands it’s like +70-90. Seeing this I can’t imagine how long I’ll have to play just to get to silver is everyone else like that I read some people going up 1k down 2k what’s that about. I was diamond and onyx on my playlists back in gears 4 I would get silver and easy blow through the ranks this is pretty disappointing honestly.

Rank is 100 percent broke accept for maybe 10 percent of people they do this on purpose and not show ranks which is both an easy fix. They will make alot of vets leave.

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Yeah I can tell I some games I’m vs actual bronze players or some on the same skill set as mine. That’s pretty dumb especially for new players put against diamond skilled players when there all considered bronze.

Gears 4 was just as grind heavy. Could play all day and get no where. Oh you won multiple matches in a row? 1%

I never had this problem in 4. Only had to win a few matches to get to a proper tier. I was always able to reach Onyx, which was an accurate placement if I say so for myself.

5’s Ranking system is broken as hell… I’m stuck in Silver again…


I remember TC said that historical data wouldnt carry from one season to the next (in Gears 5). If so that explains part of the problem. If thats the case placement matches in the beginning of the season are completely worthless as everyone would be pinned as a Bronze 1. There would be no way to place higher than that.

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Yeah, I don’t get it why we even have to play placement matches. They gonna put everybody in Bronze anyway…

The ranking system we had during the beta was more accurate then this hot pile of garbage we have right now…

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Gears 4 Ranked system was good imo and if you won enough matches the needle will move. In Gears 5 I won a few and I didn’t see any improvement but maybe I just need to play it more often

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Well, in Gears 4 you could have played one whole days and level up considerably and very fast if you are very good.

In Gears 5, it’s literally a joke… you get nothing for 15 to 30 kills… in a CTF/KOTH or just death match finishing on the top of your team…in Gears 4 you would get a lot… Gears UE too… but in Gears 5… OMFG this is literraly insane… and useless… for those who have lifes you will never finish the game or re-up more then 2 times in 2 or 3 years…with this system…

Most players don’t really feel like doing special things to get EXP, you just want to go in your prefered versus or social mode to play and have fun… not grinding like crazy and just doing chores…

I think they have the point requirements for each tier screwed up. There are 6tiers 20k point max and its something like 12-13k points to make it through Bronze and Silver. If you made each tier even equal it would be approximately 3,333 points per tier. Which means at 13k points you should really be near the upper end of onyx instead of the low end of Gold. But honestly I dont even understand how the point system works.

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Has ranked always been so grind heavy?

No and as such I don’t care anymore about tiers, specially with all the issues on G5, I’m just glad to find a match.

I’ve not tried too much Versus. I was a consistent Gold 2-3 player in GOW4, sometimes even Onyx depending on game mode (Escalation and 2 VS 2) but I appear to have been stuck in bronze and silver regardless of how many games I played. Nowadays I don’t bother with Versus much. I might give it another spin when I’m done leveling up Horde and Escape characters.

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The ranking system is definitely not right, but im still having fun playing. You just have to play not worrying about rank. Hopefully TC fixes some of these issues by 2021.

You have to play like a diamond/master to move up from bronze to silver…

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Lol basically 100% true.

that’s why the top people are like “duh, donno what you’re complaining about, I got my masters in 5 games”.

Yeah, if you play at THAT level, you will move up.

But the ranking system is supposed to work for more than just the top 5% of the players, right?

And right now, it’s not…

Hey, @TC_Octus, can we get a percentage break down? what percentage of the players are in each rank tier?

You know, how in GoW4 it was (something like ) 2% Diamond, 18% Onyx, 30% Gold, 20% Silver, 30% Bronze?

What’s the distribution for Gears 5, please ?

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It takes like 15k points to get out of Silver. So according to that scale 75% are in Bronze and Silver.

well, that’s just the skill point range, right, we don’t know how many people are within what “slices” of that 0 to 20,000 range…

During the rank podcast Ryan drew a standard normal distribution, showing how different ranks fit into the different ranges, BUT he made a point of saying what he was drowing was NOT the accurate correct one. I immediately tweeted him asking him to show us the real one, and he… never replied, lol…

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If the points are scaled to % it would be Approx. 30% Bronze 45% Silver 11.5 % Gold 11.5% Onyx 1.9% Diamond and Masters are Top 100 right? Im not sure what points u need for Onyx 1.

We dont know. Im just saying if it is to scale, which noone has confirmed.