Has phase 3 of rank happened yet? If not then when? Isn't this gonna match us with better ping players as well?

When will ping be updated in phase 3 I heard December something… has it happened yet? My lobby ping does seem better… has it happen yet?

Phase 3 isn’t about making your ping better, it’s about getting people in low player regions into games so they can actually play. Each region is using the same filter settings, phase 3 is changing that to allow them to filter each region individually so low player regions can have wider skill/ping variances than regions with a higher number of players.

Node, I believe, tweeted that they plan to test it sometime this week.


Thanks so much man, a real life saver/time saver… looked pretty long just to find some news on this; so looking forward to this… I guess you got to have a twitter account to get some news or at least faster… like way faster. But so glad you know,
Edit: don’t know why my games don’t lag nearly as much like just recently after phase 2 already happened… so maybe another update or tweak that came afterwards?