Has kicking glitched?

I’ve just been a victim of this. Our team was on Wave 29, Master and some clown joined as Sarah Connor, took all our ammo, used all our weapons and we had to quit. C’mon TC, sort this out. Put the kick option back in. I won’t be playing Horde until it’s sorted.


I have been kicked out but I wasn’t sure how they did it. Not that I was a bad player, they were just a bad host. It was during gameplay on pause screen, and not from lobby. So there does seem to be a way around it.

Versus isn’t an issue. It’s not too difficult to swap to another game or even win with an idiot. It’s more based on individual talents.

Horde is a different beast. There has to be an understanding between players at the harder levels. Most of the time there isn’t even communication. You just click into a groove with each other. The jack brings you a weapon he knows you use. The engineer brings a weapon locker closer to fahz etc.

It’d be better just having the AI soldier fill up that one space rather than a moron.

To think this problem for pve was created by trying to fix an issue for ranked versus is really frustrating. How about next time when we get an update that once again nerfs something, it accidentally takes out shotguns for ranked matches. And see how quickly it gets fixed.

And instead of changing the pictures in the cards again (twice by my count) you could troubleshoot better.

Yeah we’ve really broke horde to better ranked but look! Paduk doesn’t have that mask anymore. He’s in a bit of shade.

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Booted up horde after long time away playing master and some guy joined in wave 34 ish and buys forges and starts using weapons and dumping them.
When I went to go kick there wasn’t an option.
Was my game being weird or did thay take away that option again?

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it’s a thing at the moment.

I was a victim of this today too. Vote with your feet, don’t play Horde until it’s fixed. I know that’s what I’m doing now.

It’s so bad. And I don’t get a lot of time to put into horde as I would like.
It’s hard to set aside 2-3 hours.


It was a Sarah Conor for me too. Name was “nineteen” something.
It just disappointing bc I don’t get a lot of time to play full horde.

I’m sorry if posting gamertags is against the rules.

Mod edit: It is.

Also very much a nuisance in Escape if some low level guy(to refrain from being impolite though I very much would like to be) or just terrible player joins your Escape match. The terrible player ended up quitting when dying to their own faults(or not getting revived immediately when we had enemies to bother with), but the low level guy eventually just stood there turning in circles meleeing until the host decided to end the match because we were repeatedly failing when we could really have used a good third player for that ending. Only figured out it was a Level 4 character when we got to the lobby.

Have had better luck with teammates in Horde, only Ironman or random disconnects for no reason being the usual issue.

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One one end, you don’t have to worry about getting kicked for not breathing at the right rate or something dumb like that but on another, you have to deal with trolls and BS like that.

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I really wanna know how to do this, especially in Escape. I play with a couple people in Horde so it’s not as bad their, but still very frustrating. It makes me not wanting to even play right now. I wonder how others are doing it?

Private lobbies don’t work anymore? Just set your game to private once the lobby is filled up.

With respect I don’t see how that will work. Once the lobby is filled and you start and you find out the person is a plank. What are you supposed to do? Changing the lobby to private just stops people joining. We want people to play. But you can’t get rid of bad or abusive people. That’s the problem.


Yep, that’s the same clown who ruined our game

So this has never been fixed since?
Had some seriously annoying Sabotage-Troll joining past wave 35 yesterday removing barriers/fences and traps and more like that and couldn’t kick him from our lobby for this no-show-in-lobby-bug.
Did they really never fix that since Oct20 and leave us defencelessly on trolls mercy or has this bug reappeared recently?

I had heard of it, experienced it every now and then in rather mild cases. I may have been lucky not to suffer more from that. Playing G5Horde since release, experiencing this 1 or 2 times in short succesion could make me quit it.

Seriously: They really NEVER closed this troll empowering invitation in Years? Very disappointing!

They did fix it.

Strange. Why was he then not shown in my Lobby so that I couldn’t kick him? And only him, other randie was shown there.

As far as I know, if someone blocks you you can’t see them on the Social tab in a match, but you can resolve this by blocking said player yourself. At least that’s what some testing back when between me and a friend yielded, whether it still works now is not something I know. Been a while since I encountered any trolls or players who attempted to avoid getting kicked by doing this.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the pal I played with had this tipp as well and it didn’t work.
But possibly this was because of some server issues, my ingame chat message was invisible for me (but not for my pal) and after finishing the horde I didn’t get rewards screen and game locked in loading cycle so that I had to close it from the console’s menu.
(Went paranoid of course, worried that player might have somehow hacked and corrupted my game. I had kicked someone before for rearranging my fences and turrets, suspected him to have rejoined with a different profile to apply some “revenge”)