Has gears become 2 spooky?

Gears has always been a game about monsters, but this Halloween has taken things too far! It started with the lost souls pack, now there’s zombois and skellybums in every lobby, I can’t escape them. Then there’s this satanic bonus xp, id like to level up but I want no part of this devil worship. And now I hear ghosts have been discovered on relic, conveniently right before Halloween? I don’t buy It.

This games become 2spooky4me. I’ll be back in November when this horror has passed and we can start putting up the snowmen.


I have not played in days, maybe weeks now. I’ll go ahead and blame it on spooks and fear. Better than hearing myself complaining about lag.

But the lag is the spookiest thing in Gears and it’s here year round!


There’s nothing more terrifying than Oscar in his Wrestling Outfit. Day of the Dead characters don’t bug me at all.


But we have to try devil worship! We all preyed for gears4 to be better, but that didn’t work, so f u God, HAIL SATAN

Plays Game


“Friggin’ Spooks!”


i use oscar in the outfit where you see his package and nipples and have a mexico emblem just for grieffing purposes

One second you go to shoot someone; the next second they disappear and reappear right behind you. Spooky.

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Still doesn’t beat earlier Gears for being in the Hollow or faced with your first Berserker for spookiness.