Has flock been removed?

As per the title, I haven’t had a flock on any horde game for probably 2 weeks despite doing multiple runs each day. A few others in game have asked the same.

Was it removed for some reason?

Frenzy seems to give me the same carrier/matriarch over and over and not one flock.

Nope, I’ve seen it several times today already.

All I get is warden wave 4, then carrier/Matriarch waves 8/12.


Same, over and over. It’s odd. I’ve barely had a kestrel either, although I’m not complaining!


The Wakaatu is coming


The Wakaatu will kill us all!


I hope the Wakaatu will be a fun boss and a nice add to the horde mode! :+1:

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They should definitely add some more variation to the available combos of bosses.


Or worse: Bastion-shielded Warden with Matriarch! :neutral_face:
Or much worse: Carrier with 3 Matriarch! :frowning:

Just any other combos than the ones we always get would be nice, like Kestrel and Matriarch or maybe Swarmak and Flock.

I’ve never actually seen the flock in a frenzy game tbh.

I’ve had one show up here and there. Seems much more likely to get a Flock on 50 wave runs though. It’s almost like TC doesn’t like the enemy. Barely found in any Escape hives either.

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As in normal 50 wave horde I encounter full variety of bosses and minibosses, in frenzy I encounter Flock far less frequently than matriarch and warden.

To sum up my last 10 frenzies, this is my list of encountered bosses count(by appearance frequency, from highest):

  1. Matriarch - 13
  2. Warden - 11
  3. Carrier -9
  4. Sentinel - 8
  5. Snatcher - 7
  6. Swarmak - 5
  7. Kestrel - 4
  8. Stump - 3
  9. Flock - 1

Which is really odd, cause before op5 Flock was far more frequent boss to encounter. But this can be only my luck or something. The randomness is quite poor in this operation.


If you’re playing Frenzy, it depends on the map. Some maps don’t spawn Flock at all. I don’t think it does on Blood Drive? I don’t remember, out of dozens I’ve played. If you want to see Flock in Frenzy, your best best would be to try other maps that aren’t popular in Custom lobby browser.

In Horde, DB wave has either Flock or Kestrel, so much more common. And can spawn on any map (I think). Pahanu and Exhibit never allows Kestrel, so it’s a guaranteed Flock spawn.

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The Flock now appears regularly again on The Hive and The Hive-Past Hive. I don’t remember ever seeing it during OP4 or possibly even during OP3.

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Had 2 last night on blood drive, regular Horde…

And Overload too…

Pahanu is soo big so why no Kestrel!? :thinking:

Because it’s too open for it?