Has anyone won anything from watching esports?

I’ve been watching regularly since lauch and have yet to win 1 raffle or quest. Just wondering how many of you out there in the community have had better luck than me


LOL, I feel ya bud… I’m currently on a 1.5 year +++ streak of never winning anything on the streams!

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If you think about it, somewhere in the region of 10,000 people watch. If you assume that half of them manage to enter each raffle, that’s out of 5,000. The odds aren’t great - less than 1% if there are multiple prizes. Even less if there’s just 1.

One of my XBL friends managed to win 2 in the same night (or weekend?) though. He got 2 eSports 7 packs.

there’s like 8k viewers and the chances of winning is pretty small, I wouldnt even expect to win anything to be fair.

I am watching on Twitch so no.

I won an esports 3 pack like almost a year ago. Chances are so slim to get anything.

I have won esports one pack that gave me black steel kait.


Have a great day

i have been watching since the start and have never won anything either ,the ODDS are kinda rough though with all the people watching

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I have won before, a long time ago. It was the Supporter Pack with the Assembly Skins.

No :frowning: my bro in law won an esports pack a while ago.

got lucky huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I won something haha.

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Yeah, lol. It was a really early stream because I was leaving for work at 5AM. I checked in real quick, hit “enter raffle” & won. I was still half asleep, thought I was seeing things. :smile:

I won one raffle whilst 14k people were watching about 6 months ago. Was esports pack 1, Got some nice stuff, but the best was the BS gnasher.

I won a BS Elite Drone on early access before the 2nd Sports pack came out back in late October.

I was on holiday when I completed the quest actually, it was the only quest I had completed on that stream.

Apart from that though, nothing else.

Only skins.

Sad nothing for me here and I watch these faithfully…Maybe 1 day I will hit 1.Never know

won a 3 months game pass about 8 months ago

Mayne I will get lucky when I turn on Xbox and see I won something from the weekend…who knows and maybe today as well​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

not even a single pack, not to mention a console or sontroller or whatever lol

What a weird phenomenon this obesession with skins has become.