Has anyone received there Cluckshot Boomshot or Emblem? I have the Boomshot from last year

As an added bonus, we’ll be giving away the Cluckshot Boomshot and – for the first time – the Cluckshot Emblem to anyone who logs in over this weekend. You’ll receive these items as a Daily Reward on login from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th only!

I wasn’t aware that you can receive one.

I didn’t get them today either… maybe tomorrow. ??

I just got the emblem.

Well maybe. It locked up and got stuck on the XP screen.

Just got them both
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As did I. I think that’s what locked my game up lol

I just did

Same here. I logged out then back in and they were in my inventory.

Closing since it seems they have started to appear in your inventories.


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