Has Anyone Reached Max Level Yet?

Just wondering if there are any players out there that have gotten the max wings level yet? If so, what is the max wings level and what does the icon look like? The highest I’ve seen in a game is wings 5, I think.

The max is Wings 10, Level 100.
I’ve seen some players at Wings 10, but not seen one that’s at maximum Level 100.
I know somebody out there has already achieve it.

Wow… that’s like 2000 levels!

Do you know what the emblem looks like? 5 looks pretty cool; it’s red wings.

It looks orange, you can see what those emblems look like here:
Wings 6 to 10
I think it’s actually 2,100 Levels.

One of my friends grinded for a few months and this dude just played all day like 18 hours or so and hit wings 10 but gave up after that…he is now wings 10 lvl 30 I think…insane how people can do that…I even asked Octus who was the first official person to just wings 10 but he never got back to me

I am wings 7 or 8 i think. Havent played the game much in 2018 though. I would gladly swap my wings for 7 juicy hot wings. Nom nom nom

I wanna say Mann360 is probably max rank. He did speed runs constantly and another gamer said he just got it right before the patched blood drive.

Exactly who I am talking about…Known him for like 7 years now and played with him a lot during those runs…he isn’t maxed 100 though I know that for a fact

Sunka Wicasa, is a YouTuber that’s 18th wings that’s the highest rank I seen.

That’s the kinda thing I don’t have time nor will to do.

I’ve developed my horde cards, my overall ability. Because of that I can enjoy most of my matches.

Last thing I wanna reach is wings 5 emblem. Then I’m out.

Exactly…I’m wings 3 lvl 70 I believe but I haven’t touched horde in 2 weeks or so and I doubt I’ll even get passed wings 4 now…If they have like a 3x xp I would make a run for it but not sure how much longer I’ll be playing

I didn’t know for sure . I think I did some runs with both of you previously. I stopped doing BD when I heard about the patch. So I hadn’t played with him in a bit.

Dammit, it didn’t copy the text I wanted. I was responding to Tony

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I’m 50 something wings 2 and really can’t see me going much further its way to much if a bring when your constantly having to restart due to quitters in horde.

Even if you finish every single horde run, it would take forever to reach the level cap.

Not true…my friend is wings 10 lvl 35 but he stopped playing…the grind is too much…He literally played for 2 months straight every day for 15+ hours a day and hit wings 10…oh sorry he earned his “fake” wings as some would say

Oh, so playing 15+ hours per day for months is not forever for you?

Nope…technically it’s only 2-3 months thats not forever

How can someone play this BS game for 15+ hours?

I mean, I love the game don’t get me wrong but TC refuse to fix it / can’t actually fix it and I get sick and tired of it within 2 hours :joy:



:joy: needed a little bit of humor here man