Has anyone played as JD in Masters games since the patch?

I haven’t played since the weekend … but for the first 10 levels or so in masters my primary weapon was the automatic fire of the lancer until there was a locker up and running. I can’t imagine how sparse ammo would be now with all the Fahz’s, and Kait’s, and other toons trying to get them.

So are people just buying a bunch of GL’s? Are you guys spamming boomshots, then killing yourself with the last boomshot to respawn with another boomshot? How did the masters games start differently for the first 10 waves? were other toons hording power or not putting it in the fabricator so JD wouldn’t waste power on buying GL’s? Now that other characters had their Lancer cards spread out to work on all the Lancer types are other characters like Marcus or the Cog buying GL’s too?

Give me a run down on how you see/saw the JD roll post patch and what different strategies were employed. I’d be curious to know before I can play this weekend.


Strat is to drop your gnasher then boom yourself.

What is the point in dropping the gnasher? Who uses it? Or if you have a Jack he just melts it?

Pffff, JD remains OP. Kait hits a like a wet noodle now.

I was thinking with JD that I would now change my cards around … that I would keep the Off Perog, Razor Hail, Launch Cap, and Custom Boom cards and drop the Custom GL and replace it with the Launcher Mastery … that should make the Boomshot F’ing insane … because right now I can one shot Bastion shields and Scions. Then just rack a weapon locker full of booms and start loosing my mind with all the killing that will happen.

If you drop gnasher first, your boom is dropped when you die. If you boom yourself with gnasher on your back, only gnasher gets dropped.

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Oh cool … so now we get free boomshots. I like that. I’m going to change my cards to all boom stuff and bust some a** this weekend.

If this is true, then might want to blow up with Boomshot when there’s two rounds left. One to die, and one to appear for Jack to smelt. If there was no rounds left, it would be gone.

I like this crowd-sourced strategy building

No if I blow up with a boomshot by dropping the gnasher … I leave 2 in the pipe, one to blow up … the boomshot drops and I respawn with a boomshot … that gives me two boomshots to fill up a weapon locker real fast, and all for free.

I’m not sure what you’re saying no to, but that’s pretty much what I said.

I think he was saying no to the smelt

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Oh. I would only do this during the early waves. Which is when there’s no Locker and maybe no Forge either. A team mate may pick up Boomshot. Jack might pick it up to smelt, if blew up near Forge as indication. But would have to let Jack know to not smelt the Boomshot, if blow up near Locker for instance.

Excellent point I never considered that