Has anyone noticed that Del's discount card doesn't work correctly, with the last modifier, lol?

What is wrong with this picture, lol :

With the last modifier on, a level 1 barrier costs 3000… So a 40% cost reduction would give us a 1,200 reduction in cost, leaving us with a cost of 1,800… But no… I see 2,200 and a “(-40%)”

Hahahahaha… In what universe is 3000 - 40% = 2200 ??? I.e. 3000 * 0.6 = 2200 ??? Nope… Not in my university education…

I’ll tell you! In TC’s universe!!! Where the 40% discount is applied to the BASE COST of the BARRIER, WITHOUT the cost modifier applied!!! So 800 is 40% of 2000… then the cost of the barrier is increased to 3000 and yet they still apply only an 800 discount, and also claim it’s 40%!!!

hahaha, @TC_MichaelAOS @TC_Sera - which one is it? A bug, an oversight, or lack of basic math knowledge ?

Imagine - walking into a store with a “40% off” coupon, seeing something that’s listed at $3000, and being told that you only get 40% of the amount which the stored paid for it (which was $2000), but still advertising it as “40% off”, hahaha…


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its TC Math man. Didnt we talk about TC Math during one of our horde games?



Like 500 damage per bullet… Add a 50% damage perk and your weapon now does… 575 damage…

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This is correct. I would say that if you use Del don’t bother with that skill as if I remember correctly its only for purchase and doesn’t count for upgrades. But then again I haven’t played with him in almost a year so…lol.

Still pretty funny though.