Has anyone managed to play either KOTH or Escalation yet?

Only mode I can seem to get into is Arcade.

Would like to know if it’s at least possible or am I wasting my time trying??

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Played KOTH but not escalation.

Been trying to get into a KOTH match but either get sent back to the menu or the lobby dissolves or it just restarts the search.

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Which server, US or EU? I’m havin no luck [EU]

U.S aint either

There’s dozens of people streaming this on twitch, 90%+ are struggling to find matches and the ones getting matches are playing Arcade.

Been trying close to 2 hours ,neither mode loads up a match…Arcade seems to load “OK” ,but its just an awful mode to play…
I’m pretty sure TC failed this “test”,lets hope they give it another go …

every single ■■■■■■ time i search for about 3 minutes then it gives me the popup “failed to join”

I’ve done 2 koth matches so far. Try doing an arcade match first and then come back to it. Seemed to work for me.