Has anyone had issues with the overkill in Horde?

I’ve had a problem with the overkill where it won’t fire even after it’s fully reloaded. To resolve this you have to reload it again to be able to fire it.

So, for instance, all your weapons have been reloaded already, and you’re using another weapon and then switch to the overkill and try and fire it, it won’t work. You’ll have to reload it again to make it work or even when you’re just using the overkill by itself and reload it, and press the trigger to fire, it won’t work unless you reload again.

This is extremely annoying. Has anyone else enountered this bug?

I did search the forums this time, but couldn’t find any other threads about it.

Yes, it is known. I had the same thing happen with a Markza.

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Yes, had this happen yesterday. Also had gnasher fire one shot then reload or just keep reloading and couldn’t fire weapon.

It seems to happen often with Markza and DeeBee weapons.

It happened to me yesterday, again, but this time with the enforcer. The ammo display on the top right constantly flashes when this issue occurs and doesn’t stop until you reload again.

Yep, I had the issue with overkill, Gnasher and longshot.