Has anyone figured out how to use Jack's revive Command?

Hey everybody. Has anyone figured out how to use Jack’s revive command? It would be awesome to use it aside from stim revive. Tried everything I can think of but no luck amd no info seemingly anywhere on how to use it.

I assume you mean Campaign? Well, it seems as simple as aiming(using LT on Default) at the downed ally, Del, let’s say, and press X when it shows the icon to go revive someone… Or whichever prompt shows on screen as I play on Default and the button or trigger/bumper used for the command is likely different on others.

If it’s Horde you’re looking for, just press whatever triggers the repair beam, and keep healing them until they get up, or go over a downed teammate and revive them with the revive button(the healing/repair beam is slightly less risky to use if you have to go outside the base, as you don’t have to get near any enemies that may be near or around the downed person then).

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