Has anyone ever tried to do a Master boss rush with all 5 Jacks?

I’ve seen people doing all Tac and strikers. But I’ve never seen people doing all 5 Jacks. It will be kinda fun if it can be pulled off.

Sounds very mind-numbing and tedious. Ive done 2 All Jack frenzy games and it took forever. If you get a matriarch she takes more time to kill than any other boss.

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I can just see it being the most drawn out game of Boss Rush. Like I’m all for but it’s going to take a while plus with boss health regeneration everyone wanna bring their A game lol.

When you get Kestrel, you might as well quit the game.

Isn’t there other enemies besides bosses you could hijack to use against the Kestrel?

usual in boss rush there not that many enemys to hijack or to actual hijack

At first glance all jack boss rush seems feasible as the enemies don’t move when you’re all cloaked and there’s no time limit to a game.

Once you uncloak tho it’s a different story.

On an interior map there are no flying enemies so that points toward more feasibility.

The biggest issue of course is hijack enemy choices are absolutely brutal, there is none of the typical preferred enemy types. Drop shots, drones, and dr1s are really the only viable ones. Drop shot hijacks are trash and here they are your best choice and they don’t spawn every wave.

The biggest issue is of course the endless wardens. You cannot hijack them and if your hijack ends and you’re being stun locked by a warden 9 times out of 10 you’re going to die.

You also cannot really hide anywhere and stun to recharge yourultwithout getting a million things shooting at you and destroying the fab.

Out of atrium, rail line, and blood drive the latter is the only one that might get you anywhere.

At the start of wave everyone would be cloacked and you’d carefully stealth around the map and observe every enemy.

As soon as one person uncloaks they’re all going to aggro toward that person, now you could use this to your advantage with drop shots but nothing else really. If you group them up and then hijack a drop shot, then separate even with barriers you might only get a few shots off before you’re murdered or stun locked. If that’s about to happen, you could end the hijack and not have explosive hijack. You could then lure them all to the other side of the map onto more barriers and try again. But then you have health regen so…

Basically it’s trash all the way down. An all jack frenzy takes 2 hours so i can only imagine how long this would take to get anywhere.

Seeing as how all nomad and all robotics experts boss rushes take forever and we were unable to complete, I think a all jack on master is…

Gah, Impossible!


“Horde in Gears 5 is too easy!”

It’s still on the list of “to be done” over here but I imagine it will be a rather late one.
Kestrels have more health in Boss Rush than they do in any other game-mode and they’re already a pain to deal with. Wakaatu’s aren’t much better in that regard (anything flying is annoying).

Something like Atrium most likely will work but obviously it’s going to be very boring.

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What is left on vaunted list?

We run a Discord where you can find a list of prepared challenges and which ones have been done. It’s been a bit stagnating recently, I guess people just had enough of Gears and are worn out a bit but there’s still some people doing some challenges in Escape.

I created a forum post regarding that a while ago.