Has anyone else noticed that Lizzie talks funny?

Some of her voice quotes sound like she’s a robot or something. There’s a slight pause between them. I’ll demonstrate using commas.

Incoming, smoke!

This won’t, stop them!

We’ve got 30 seconds, to regroup!

It’s almost like parts of her quotes were recorded separately and then put together. And that’s why they don’t sound fluid. However, if this is because the voice actress has a speech problem, I apologize.

30 seconds in Google: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3076763/

She’s not a particular good or experienced VA, but I never noticed anything off with her voice lines. @AmicableWall421 could probably tell you all about it.

Everything seems fine to me here. Haven’t noticed any voice line issues.

Certainly not as bad as “Captain Hoffcus” using Marcus lines when it’s a Hoffman skin, if this issue with Lizzie is even a thing.


Well… I had never heard Lizzie talking about het tomatoes using Marcus voice…
TC, please add this Tomatoes lines to Lizzie and allow her to use it when she save Marcus!


I dont think her VA is half bad. I think with the helmet she sounds really nice. Id say some of the new voice lines for Benjamin are horrible and its his original voice actor too.

I think her voice is kind of hot but that’s about it for me lol. I can agree on the regroup line, it always sounded a bit questionable


Im not ashamed to think she sounds kinda hot too. especially when she mocks the warden or when she laughs :rofl:


Hey, I just wanna be friends. evil laugh intensifies

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You’ve got to be kidding. That laugh is like a cheese grater against my ear drum. Dizzy and Casan are bad too but at least they don’t sound like someone else is controlling their vibrating panties.


Cheese grating sounds hot tho low key


Only if it’s for tacos


Sounds cute and playful, which are attractive qualities in a female.

im not though :flushed:
I actually am though, i find her laugh hilarious but i do actually think she has a nice voice.

I couldnt have put it any better, its probably the reason why I like her so much.

thats one of her best lines. you cant forget when she says ¨its in my blood¨ or she mocks clayton with his locked and loaded saying lol

Not sure what team you play on but a lot of straight guys like goofy girls. Shes goofy and badass at the same time. Total package.


Oh definitely a great voice…but the laugh…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Oh ffs. Down, boys. I love lizzie and her VA. I was commenting specifically on her laugh. Perhaps I just have ptsd from when it was common for her laugh to be spammed relentlessly.

Well the real lizzie died to the hammer of dawn. Her synth replacement is bound to have issues

She’s fine. It’s her family of anthony, ben and gary I have a problem with. Omg can you be more annoying?

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