Has Anyone Else Notice That Active Reload Doesnt Refill Your Entire Mag

i notice when you active reload not the (perfect active reload ) but the dark shade white it doesnt reload the entire magazine most happens with the gnasher its bad enough you only get six bullets

The Gansher is designed that way. It is the trade off for not having an active damage boost. The idea is that it forces the player to act smarter.

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id rather have 8 shots than an active reload anyday but im not TC lol


Now that you mention it that is a triple nerf huh…

I wasn’t even thinking about how Perfect Active Reload isn’t always available 'cause the cooldown so having good timing doesn’t matter all the time.

They really went after shotgun this time a round, didn’t they?


they really did but the gnasher along with the faster movement like on gow3 youre unstoppable