Has anyone else not received Rise Of RAAM pre-order(AMAZON)?

Heya guys.
Pre-ordered my copy of Rise of RAAM paperback collection back in May. Went on my amazon account today and it said it will arrive by 8pm tonight but an hour later I had an email saying it is not in stock and they will email me when it is back in stock and dispatched even though I Pre-ordered it. Quite disappointed tbh as it was an anniversary present for my other half (another gears fan) so I expected it to come and for my other half to open his mega pack. Has anyone else had this?

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I pre-ordered mines on Amazon this past weekend and it came today. You might want to talk with Amazon customer service. Sorry about what you going through. I wish you luck.


Have a great day!

I preordered thru barns and noble so no comic for me until Friday

Same story for me, it was dispatched today at least, hopefully same for you.

I’ve just had an email saying it has been dispatched today. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same, I pre-ordered mine in May and I still haven’t got it!

Mine arrived this morning. Got RAAM though unfortunately.

Got mine yesterday and got Sraak :slight_smile: Not all great though as I did also buy two packs and got 2 RAAM’s. I did manage one game of koth with Sraak last night, he is a beast :slight_smile:

That’s right rub it in. :rofl:

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havent received mine yet :(:expressionless: