Has anyone beaten The Warren without Cole?

The name says it all? Who here is badass enough to have beaten The Warren with no Cole in their game? I just don’t see how it could be possible.

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Lahni could solo the thing before the Nerf-hammer hit her.

There’s a retro in one of the early suppyl-rooms as well as a Gnasher so Kait and Paduk are good options. Lizzie is good at the beginning with pistol-capacity and freeze for the Juvies. SB comes in handy during the bridge-section. There’s ways to do it without Cole but why bother. The Hive really isn’t that good. And Ironman isn’t helping either.

Clay with Ult Battery, Flash Freeze and Grace period could also work.

I hate this map. I hate it with a passion. If I had the power to remove this map I would do in a heart beat. I hate Juvies and this map just keeps throwing Juvies all over the place. When I finally beat it I swore I would never play it again. I hate … I hate … I HATE IT!

Sorry you triggered something there lol

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I just played it again for the first time in awhile, and remembered why I only ever played it once. I brought Lahni this time. A mistake

@WrinklyHornet34 I hate it with a passion as well. They made Lahni useless on it, and I had to try and convince my teammates to stay in venom.

Leaving the Lahni-nerf aside, I’m pretty sure that TC messed around with Melee-tracking or sth like that a while ago making it really hard in certain situations to even hit Juvies. Which was bad back then but now it’s basically a death sentence if you miss.

It feels like the juvies teleport honestly. I’ll swing at one and all of a sudden it’ll be behind me.

Maybe coles not the only one dealing with teleporting enemies

Nah, UE can’t handle colliding hitboxes that well. Happens with Rejects as well. Even had one of the Mulcher Scions on Venom run pull a “nothing personel” on me.

This game can be a bit annoying at times. Won’t lie.

My biggest pet peeve is definitely teleporting enemies though. Such a pain.

Wish I could have with this hive with Lahni before the nerf hit. Made life a lot easier.

Did it in OP2. Baird, Emile and Lahni. Emile played a more supportive role with the Juvies and his shield. Baird’s DR1 was a great diversion and he could take a melee and Lahni was the MVP.

I also did this map a few days ago using Scorpio Squad with @TurnerBurner922 and xSMUDGE BATx and it went better than we thought. Best moment was when Mac and Lahni went down and Keegan had to play ring around the rosy with a Juvie.


The Warren is an operation 2 map and cole was introduced in operation 3 so of course people have won it without Cole.

I was lahni just a few days ago in a game we won and I got downed once (off-host). Need good teammates though.


Oh. Kid you not I thought it was op3.

I’ve only been playing since the end of op3 to be fair lol. And no escape until a little ways into op4

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Lol the op 3 ones are

The end
Melee brawl


I thought melee brawl was op2. I guess I got them mixed up lol

I got into escape because I wanted to expression “follow me” and the Warren was the last Op2 map I needed to get it. Starting out, that maps really tough.

It is a tough map. My first time completing it I was completely carried. This time around I did my part I’m happy to say lmao.

I can only imagine how much of a pain it was without Cole

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It’s really ideal that you have a maxed lahni. Lizzie used to get her ultimate every 2-3 minutes so that helped as well.

My friends and I were running team Scorpio on all that maps and the only one that actually gave us problems was venom run. The Warren didn’t really give us much problems at all.


The Warren is nuts man! I hate Juvies when they are just plain and not enhanced like they are on this hive.

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It’s doable with a few character lineups, Sarah conner has a good niche at the second act too.

I did when it first came out. I don’t recall exactly but I think Lahni’s Short Range Deflection and Thrill of The Hunt cards worked properly at the time, but her ultimate ability may have been bugged and didn’t work.

We did it with Keegan, Lahni and Emile. It was definitely tougher. Lots of hit, run and bleed tactics.