Has anybody tried making their ping worse to get better performance?

Well, technically it is beneficial to have a lower ping in the PvE modes. But for PvP… well, it’s not been the case in neither 5 nor 4, according to the many complaints about how higher ping seems to make it harder to kill someone who has that high ping.

@AmicableWall421 you are dead on.my man. P v E . get that ping as low as you want. P v P forget about it. Stop at 45ms.

For real, look at what happens when I am between 40-50ms. This doesn’t happen on a below 30ms ping.

I tried it a couple times went from direct lan to mobile hotspot and I was eating shots and I was killing easier. however, the game is alittle harder to play since players are jumping around and the shots sometimes do not register. Gears 4 and 5 are both dog sheeeitt in my opinion anyways, Almost 13 years and still cant get it right.


@EC_GHOSTST3IN yep. Correct about all that. @krlon_Blue pretty obvious where you need to be playing at…I just played a match back on my mobile hit spot. I probably chainsawed 20 people in a match
I chainsawed 1 guy at least
6 times.

Every match I played today I had a 40ms or so ping and it was great. I had one match with a 15ms and someone on the enemy team was going from 150-1400ms and it felt absolutely terrible.

Anywho, here’s a match where the guy who talked smack to us couldn’t handle my moves. :sweat_smile:

The new Gnasher plus high pings/spike players is unplayable. It’s like Gears 4 all over again when using COMP tuning.

Point blanks with hit markers = 0% when I shoot with a 30ms ping.

Clear misses on my screen by the enemy = 100% in 1 “hit” (not a hit)

Once again, a find outstanding player from a country I will leave unnamed (but you will all know!) was spiking to 1500ms. He got MVP, sponged everything and shot through walls. Grenades exploded with no audio until 2 seconds AFTER the explosion.

If your intention is to kill the franchise TC you’re doing a fantastic job. If your intention is to keep it alive you’re failing miserably.


I was only trying to explain that is isnt worth it in the long run. I remember the jtag modded lobbies on gears 2 so I sympathize but I was just trying to express that it isnt worth it and when one does figure out how to do these things this game becomes pointless to any normal empathetic person. Just pushing this person to either give it up and move on while also expressing that this type of manipulation ruins the enjoyment of a game so why play at that point? That is what I mean.

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I played a match where the whole enemy team was 80ms and above but I was at 15ms. I down the leader but when I try and wrap around the cover I quickly glitch right back into the cover. It didn’t hurt us but this was going on all match and happens every time I have a ping below 30ms and someone is above 80ms.

Edit: The very next game I have a 40-50ish ping and there is absolutely no lag to be seen at all. In fact, I got an easy MVP which happens quite often every time I am not below 30ms.

@Krylon_Blue sadly, that’s hilarious. Looks like somebody hit rewind on a vhs tape. Im also amazed that someone spiking up to 1500 ms manages to stay connected. Any idea what causes that rewind effect. Obviously I know ping DISCREPANCIES…but why?

Easy as pie to explain dude. Low pings are untrusted connections according to the gears server. Whilst high pings are trusted like a paragon of virtue.

What this translates into is high pings can overwrite the low pings gamestate, as the game is designed to legitimise what they see on their screen at the server end.
The server works on the presumption that the low pings gamestate is inherently wrong at all times.

It’s really stupid.

At this point I’m not even sure what the cause of the issues are. It’s obvious high fluctuation is a major issue but even in lower ping lobbies this game has the potential to play very poorly. My friends and I are seeing that sync icon pop up on the bottom right quite often over the past few days and I’m not even sure why. My connection is stable but everything’s out of sync from shots to character positioning.

I hit my goal of reaching Masters so now I can step back if I wish and allow this mess some time to actually hopefully improve. I have my doubts that it will do anything but get worse though. I’m not going to say I’m never going to play again but my time is going to be cut by a large amount due to the issues. Amazing I could even hit Masters given how poorly this game performs.

Anyways, enjoy the game for what it is if you continue playing daily. That is a broken mess that the developers think runs perfectly fine.

On a side note, all of the Terminator characters need to be removed from ranked play. It’s ridiculous I even need to say this but these characters cause major sponging issues and it’s becoming more obvious every time I play. I get more full pellets spread hit markers on my screen for 0% against them compared to any others.

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@presc1ence I know your speaking in a very abbreviated manner…but can you explain this a little more. Are you saying this is how the lag comp software is written…and why would the low ping be “distrusted” so to speak…Why does what we(low ping) see not translate? I thought lag comp was actually supposed to benefit low ping by essentially putting us on a small delay to “match up” pings…am I misunderstanding what lag comp is supposed to do? Just more info if you have it.

Nah your not misunderstanding, it’s just weird how tc seem to use lag comp etc.
Much like the aim assist suite, they just seem to pile on complex solutions on top of complex solutions, when industry proven simpler ones would suffice.

There have been a few mentions that the devs have said the system resolves differences between the two players screens by ‘trusting’ one over the other.
I have no idea of the factors involved in how tc chooses this, but it has popped up a few times that this is weighted towards the higher ping player.

Whomever the server has weighed up as being ‘correct’ on their screen will effectivly invalidate what happened on the other players end (hence ghost shots and telporting players as the server catches you up or denies you a shot based on the other player being ‘correct’ and having avoided your shot or already killed you on their end).

From experience this seems to be heavily biased toward the higher ping player, even when the ping difference is fairly small.

Of course this is all based on fairly unclear information and potentially outright hearsay, but it explains a lot of situations that don’t seem to fall under regular lag comp…expectations. I.E I’ve never seen anything as aggressive as this in any other game.

I’m probably wrong but its not like tc will explain themselves.

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Just some anecdotal evidence for this thread/iisue. Ive been on american server all week (ugh) so having a steady 80-90 ping nearly every game and…ive been mvp a hell of a lot.
My 3 games on low pings (vs high pings so YMMV) were super hard work, had little in the way of kills and nothing near the 20 plus kills i was sitting over everyone else with while on the higher ping.

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Yeah TC actually discussed this a little in the latest dev stream. @FUNKDOKTOR . They said they may have put in too many delays and they are re-evaluating them. So whatever delays they are putting to try and sync low ping and high ping maybe have gone overboard. Which explains why low ping feels like crud.


Here’s hoping!:crossed_fingers:

Honestly though, I think there are several layers of things messing with the game to enbale high ping players to play smoothly.
While removing intentional delays will undoubedly make the game better, it won’t be great until they look at their whole lag comp/networking/match making ecosystem and re-evaluate what it’s trying to do.


@Drinkands_ @presc1ence i had no idea that their were different delays for low ping players. Do u have any idea what exactly TC has delayed for lower ping? Complete honesty, I was about to either post or ask some of you specifically if you ever felt like other players could just do things faster? I swear it feels like their is a delay between my gnasher shots that is larger than others. Im constantly saying to myself, " why can that guy shoot me so much faster than I can shoot him?".And tonignt I was asking how can guys swap their weapons faster than I can? And weirdly even tnough i have my sensitivity maxed, tonigbt it felt like guys could turn faster? Their are others…but those have really stood out to me. Especially the rate of fire of the gnasher. Maybe some of it is in my head, but honestly it really pisses me off that for whatever reason TC feels it necessary to essentially handicap me in ways just b/c my internet. is faster. I knew this ■■■■■■■■ wasn’t in my head. UHHH YEAH…YOU THINK THEY WENT TOO FAR WHEN I HAVE BEEN ASKING WHY IS THIS AND THAT DIFFERENT AND DO I NEED TO MAKE MY ■■■■■■■ PING WORSE JUST TO TRY AND COMPETE…IIT WAS OBVIOUS ENOUGH FOR ME TO MAKE THIS POST AND HAVE OTHERS PRETTY MUCH VERIFY THEY HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE. IM REALLY PISSED… @Drinkands_im IS THAT DEV STREAM ONLINE ANYWHERE?

Yeah if you google gears developer stream it should be on twitch.

Dude! Yes! I completely relate. I have a stable ping at 31-32 & I’ve been playing some people on 2v gnasher whose pings bounced from 40-120 & they were teleporting killing me. I mean it must be nice to go against someone with a stable hit marker … this is a real complaint I have. Like make high ping players play with each other or hash this out.

I’m frustrated when I go against a high ping player that is unstable. It’s already bad that they have a high ping & sponge but an unstable one is a complete nightmare.

You have a valid point in my opinion. But nah I would never toggle my ping. I just feel so bad for those who don’t have stable ping… like it reflects to me a sad picture of their life so , yeah…

Buuuut from what I experienced it lags me when I play high ping players to share the connection, which is piss… but I’ll help the Kenyan boy play gears if it means keeping the community alive for him… not like I have a choice lol.