Has anybody tried making their ping worse to get better performance?

I’ve been going back and forth w/a few guys on here. Im playing on a 300 meg fiber to the router, hardwired connection. As long as I que into the closest data center, my connection is always a stable 24-26. Always. And it always feel like I am playing at a disadvantage. With unstable Wi-Fi players teleporting around as their ping fluctuates between 84 and then 197 and then 472 and back down to 163…those guys always seem to be unhittable, undownable players that also have God aim. I know the server knows exactly where I’ve been and exactly where im at due to "tracking software, but the laggy players im trying to hit using “prediction software”…I seem to struggle. Especially w/ them benefitting from “lag compensation”.
So, later tonight I’m going to unplug my Xbox ethernet and connect it via a mobile hot spot on my phone. Maybe then I can be latent enough to go after all those losers playing on their stable ethernet connections. Maybe lag comp will help me hit all those close range gnasher shots that everyone else can hit me with.
Just curious, has anyone else tried making their ping worse to see if it will help? Toodles.


I have tried the same thing. My home ping is 12ms My cell phone turned out to be 20ms.lol What has helped is through my router. I capped my speed to 1mbs my download speed to 780. Kbs. I did this through quality of service your router may have a similar setting. Set your Xbox to Priority status. . It seems to have helped a bit. It’s not perfect, but it’s better. I to have fiber optic 1 gig over 1 gig. Never thought that would be a hindrance. LOL.

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@SWEARxMAN pretty funny your cell phone hot spot was pinging at 20 ms. Only 8ms slower than 1 gig of light. That’s irony. Since you have done it, and setting your router up that way, is the difference noticeable? I mean is it worth my time? And what is your ping to your nearest data center with your router speed throttled to that? I swear mid 40’s seems like the sweet spot. Whats nuts to me is that.it is that noticeable to other people as well. To the point where you have actually done it. I say future gaming needs to run everybody through some type of “virtual gaming dvr” and put us on a small delay, and match everyone’s ping so that we can play in real time. Or as close to it as possible. No code that has to guess where a player is or might be. And “stable” internet connections only.

There are programs that can do this, but I’m not telling you what words to use in google.

Im not looking to do anything but level the playing field. I think you are rigbt about the net code.it really is, imo, too much lag comp for latent players, and poor “prediction software”. I know im not crazy for feeling like Im hamstrung bc my ping is faster and stable. I just wanna feel like I can compete on an even level. Its maddening.

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Dude, using this kind of program is a clear violation of the ToS/CoC. You can permanently lose your xbox live access for it.

@anon32088142 wait wait wait. All I said I was gonna do earlier was unplug my ethernet from my Xbox, and connect to my phones mobile hot spot. Man. My fiber is killing me in this game literally. I forget that the masses don’t have a connection as good as mine. But, their is way too much advantage given to to the latent players in this game. Lag comp is OP. Players im trying to shoot are never exactly where I think they are. The only other thing I might consider doing is throttling my speed some through my router. I just wanna play like everyone else is. I don’t wanna use any type of throttling software. Or do anything unethical. I just weirdly need a worse connection to compete. Thats all.


My ping is still the same. If I had VPN network, maybe I could bump up my ping depending where it’s routed through. I kept my network speed on my Xbox only. A friend of mine suggested it and if you look at these speeds Xbox needs its way lower than 1 gig over 1 gig. So I pretty much said it to what Xbox suggested. It does seem to help but not all of the time. My nearest data center is 5ms away.

Your very close to a server obviously. Well, I just connected to my phones hot spot and im gonna see if its any different. I really think in our case. abd others with fiber to the router, its more the stability that hinders us. Light is “too steady”. Yes you’ve got an overpowered connection, but you can still only connect and play as fast as the servers will let you. Its too much speed and too much stability…and code written for the masses…not the .01 :fortunate enough to have fiber into their dwelling. I was a telecom tech for 15 years. Fiber.can be too hot.

Yeah thats cool bud, I said there were programs that do it, and your reply to that is what I was replying to.

Those programs are against the CoC/ToS.

Throttle your speed all you want, but that’s probably bannable. I would have to check, and in your own interest you should as well.

No one would know, but you’re making a full post about it. Anyone can screencap this thread and royally F you if it is against CoC/ToS to intentionally throttle, which I don’t know that it is except explicitly through a third party program.

I’ve went full WiFi for 2 months and I’ve noticed I compete a little better on FFA.

I’m not going to do anything except play on my mobile hot spot. I just played a match of KOTH, and my ping was around 100ms. Although i have no clue which data center I was in. I have a strong cell signal where I live. And I must say it made a noticeable difference (imo). Weirdly it seemed that up A’s were a lot smoother, and I didn’t stay stuck to walls. Bounces seemed a lot more fluid.as well. But, where it was more than noticeable was sutuations where it was a 1 v 1 gnasher situation where the trigger pull was a 50/50 as to who would get the gib…me or them. I would say playing on fiber, i lost 90% if not more. Very rarely did I ever get the advantage. However in this last match I won at least 50%. At least. Now obviously 1 match isn’t enough of a sample size…But, im going to stay with my mobile.hot spot for the next week and really see if im pissing away from the wind or pissing into it.

Gotta make that sample size bigger before you give a definite answer for sure.

I don’t like the feeling of a 100ms ping. The delay of my shot hitting an enemy to the moment they explode into chunks is a bit too much for me. But my shots always seem to register more often so it’s a trade off.

When I’m pinging around 15ms and someone is at the 80-100+ range it feels like I’m on a 150ms ping but my shots don’t register at all. I get stuck to walls, teleport and a bunch of weird stuff.

I’m not sure what they were thinking when they programmed this game but the sweet spot is to always put me around 40-50ms. Anything lower or higher is off putting.

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Hey man, I’m not disagreeing, just a friendly warning.

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I don’t think it’s an issue.

If Microsoft allows such a low amount of bandwidth into their servers that’s on them. It’s his right to throttle his connection given that some people allocate certain amounts of data to devices for various reasons. His admission on a forum isn’t going to change that.

I wouldn’t do it personally. I don’t want to throttle the incoming and outgoing data allowed to my PC. A video game isn’t worth slowing down my downloads or other tasks just to try and gain some advantage. If anything, players doing this should be a wake up call to @the-coalition that they have some major work to do. At no point should someone be throttling a Gigabit connection just to play a game while not feeling shortchanged.

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I dont think its ping necessarily its packet loss on other players part ive been in games where there were stable pings but still same sponge or ghost shots and 99 97 94 % while they one shot me i have fiber 1 gig up and down and 7ms to live server and 5 ms to closest gears server. These players always seem to be from south of the border. (incoming shot ooops packed droped).

Never said it was? but ok.

Not necessarily. Depending on how he does it, he could be permanently banned from xbox live. Like I said, using third party software to accomplish this is a clear violation of the ToS/CoC

I missed the part about third party software.

I had figured he throttled it through his routers settings. On my router I’m able to put a cap on my bandwidth at my own discretion and there’s nothing Microsoft could do about it. Again, I wouldn’t do it because I pay for my Gigabit Fiber connection to use it.

Holy crap.

Do you guys just not read what you’re replying to?

I have been referring to third party software this ENTIRE THREAD.

Scroll up fellas, you’re not responding to things I’m saying, you are arbitrarily defending what he is doing, which is irrelevant to what I’m saying.

Jeez, why does everyone get so defensive and stop reading what I say when I explain the CoC?

I’m only explaining the rules. I dont give a F what he, you, your momma, or anyone else chooses to do. Hell, use the third party programs out there for this for all I care, I’m just explaining that doing so is bannable.

Just to clarify- again - I do not care if he uses his mobile hotspot.

I was not replying to that part of the thread.

I went back and read it.

My point still stands because I was right all along. He never talks about using third party software - that was all you. He talked about using a hot spot which isn’t against any ToS. Even limiting the bandwidth to his router isn’t something he could be banned for because it’s his right to “ensure” he has his bandwidth properly allocated to every device in his home.

You’re the one who keeps talking about some third party software and how you won’t mention what to search for on Google. No one even referenced this except for you. But like you I don’t care what he chooses to do in order to get the best experience. The fact anyone has to even consider this only goes to show how badly the developers screwed up their online experience. I replied to you saying that I don’t think it’s really an issue because of what the OP was attempting to do. Not because of your comment about software.

By the way, just to be clear, I’m not singling you out to start a conflict. Obviously you and I either disagree on what third party software is and how it’s against the TOS or we misunderstood each other. Either way, no big deal. :+1:

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