Has anybody even unlocked the Team Ice Skins?

Since the team ice skins are suppost to be Re-Up rewards now. Has anybody here even unlocked any of them? I’ve been wanting those skins FOREVER.

You have got a long, long grind ahead of you. Then even more long, long. At least you can reach them before forever hits. Seriously, I think one person might have unlocked them but I wouldn’t name them on here. There’s no screenshot proof yet. And they should be Re-up 40+ unlocks.


So the skins I’ve seen that say re-up start around 40? Wow. I can’t remember is there any emotes or anything else that has to do with re ups?

Pretty sure no one has, the highest rank I’ve seen was a dude that was re up 31 and still he didn’t have the team ice skins

Should be about Re-Up 38 or so before you reach Team Ice. And even then they’re pretty mediocre looking skins for THAT much grinding.

I wish they’d do something like 3 skins per Re-Up, so you’d finish ‘Desert’ by Re-Up 6, ‘Get Some’ by 12 then ‘Team Ice’ by 18. Feels like a decent pace imo, 600 levels for a full set compared to the 1800 levels it is right now.

I’d also like some Scrap per 5-10 levels. The levels between Re-Ups need to have at least SOME meaning. Since I know TC is allergic to giving out free Iron, Scrap would do.


You’re more than half way there at least no?

In terms of Re-up, yes. XP, no. From Re-up 30 to 50 is probably 20 to 50 times more XP than Re-up 0 to 20. I ain’t working it out but this is just a guess.

Holy. Hell.

Yep. Never getting those skins.

When you get last re-up then you get team iceskin :sunglasses:

Damn rank re up 40? Wish I could play that much.