Has aim assist increased in op4?

Has anyone else felt an increase in what I can only assume is some type of aim-assist since the start of op4?

I consistently am getting hit by shots that are a full body behind me, or I’m almost a full half second behind cover but a shot still connects on me.

It’s either aim assist or possibly bad net code.
I typically have the lowest ping in the lobby, a lot of the time I’m literally at a firm 1 ping, so it could be that that is actually working to my disadvantage, I’m not sure.

I know this has always been an issue in Gears (been playing since GoW 1), that’s not my complaint exactly. My main issue is that it seems to be far more prominent since the start of op4. I wasn’t experiencing it this bad during op3.

I’m clearly seeing one thing on my screen, but yet a different thing is happening in game and it is creating for a very frustrating online experience.

Not sure what the exact issue is, but has anyone been experiencing this more often as of late?

There’s a lot of issues with lag right now for some reason, even if everyone is below 100 and stable.


I’ve experienced it enough with this franchise to leave pvp almost entirely alone lmfao, an I get that it’s all online games, not jus gears, BUT the same problems in other games jus never annoyed me as much

I don’t know how its possible with current network structure to get 1 ping. You should be directly plugged into server to have so low ping.

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For me, when all was mostly serversided, it wasn’t so annoying to play. You knew you have bad connection or something, but game was more fair.

Now with clientside hit calculation and not very well working movement prediction made Gears Versus more of a bad taste joke. And when you add lags and overloading servers, you get what you see.


Yeah idk either, which is why I don’t believe the ping that’s shown, but people comment on it all the time in game, like “wtf 1 ping??”. But yeah I get it a lot depending on the server I’m on I guess. Still, it feels like a disadvantage mostly with the way the game works.