Hardest campaign on insane?

Did you do all the declassifieds on Judgement?

Easy. Aim at the ground, stun, player two grenade tags. It’s always an insta kill. Blow up the one on the train with the tank. You can walk there while anya’s talking, At the point
when she stops talking, the Berserker is at the tank. blind throw a nade through the donut (that’s the closest point you can reach once you’re at the door. or have co op buddy press the button to trigger the berserker’s arrival while you wait at the donut.)

Did anyone here get into the Technical Preview for Infinite? Or watch the stream yesterday? The game looks and plays beautifully.

Oh no man, it wasnt a matter of difficulty. It was me being terrified of her running at me :sweat_smile:

I was little when 06 gears came out.

As soon as she ran towards me, I’d pause the game and leave.

I’m not sure overall maybe 3 or judgement. But the final boss on 3 was an absolute nightmare :joy:

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Overall I would say 3 has the worst bosses as that Tempest fight is awful.

4 takes the cake due to the terrible level design and the bullet sponging enemies who constantly rush you. I honestly felt Inconceivable was easier than Insane

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Oh. Yeah. Then Dom’s ‘advice’ of move move move…followed by him getting downed because he walked right towards her slowly. I rage quit more than anything, because I’d get her to the final door and Dom would get taken out.

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Dom is probably the worst ai in any videogame ever. Followed by marines driving warthogs.

At least marines can hold a rocket launcher or a sniper :sunglasses:

“Del/Marcus/Kait was killed.”

I gave up on Iron Man the first time. Those stupid chains. The Snatchers. The Carriers. God Awful.

4 was horrendous.

Not yet but I will when I take my lunch!

Oh I never let those *** drive, either.

Ashley from RE4 was a genius compared to any other companion character in Gears.

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That’s all I need to do is beat Raam to complete Insane on Gears UE

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I’m saying it now, once it comes out, Gears can kiss my hard drive goodbye.

I’d say Judgment was the most difficult campaign, overall. All of the other entries in the series have some difficult parts. I’d say Judgment is my favorite campaign overall with GoW2 and Gears 5 being right behind it.


He gets stuck on the long piece of cover that you spawn in on in UE.

I will add that Gears 2 had that bug or glitch in the tank level where you had to go backwards to spawn the rest of the level.

I never really struggled with RAAM. But I will say the button mashing Brumak vs Corpser fight in two was bloody annoying.

Judgement actually had the best ai in any gears game as well lol.

Like Kilo squad did work :sunglasses:

Give a marine a rocket launcher though :flushed: absolute sigma males.

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the waves of enemies on J before Jack was used as the beacon for the missile, that was hard too

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:rage::rage: I rage quit plenty of times from doing that mission.

And act IV when you play as Cole and have to raid Onyx point. That whole D-Day mission was awful. Especially with the declassified nades tagged everywhere. And the mortor making my life heck.

Hearing Cole talk about the Sharks and Cougars game is forever cemented in my brain :pensive:


Meanwhile I’m sitting here with RAAM always refusing to die no matter what I throw at him before he moves up and renders the only cover piece where the game doesn’t insta kill you with Kryll useless, and he’s not getting stuck on anything or Dom either. I still haven’t beaten him on Insane UE(only time I played Gears 1 in any form, never did play the original). Rest of it isn’t * that* hard especially when you compare it to 4s Insane/Incon Campaign which have stupidly cheap/bad encounters that break when you play them on those difficulties(I literally had to let the AI do an entire fight for me at one point) and also enemies in general, even if that game isn’t technically considered legacy Gears in the same regards as 1-3 and J.

Can’t exactly speak to the others much as Gears 2 with the horrible controls and janky AI behavior made me stop bothering when the Reaver slamming into your rig refused to die regardless of where I shot it and I wasn’t bothered to put up with the stupidity of that section especially when it “failed” before I even got to the Reaver from a random Nemacyst I shot down well over 10 meters away still blowing up the driver cabin because reasons.

Never tried 3 or J on Insane yet. After the stupidity that made me abandon the Insane run on 2, I’m not very inclined to try either.

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