Hardest campaign on insane?

What do you think is the hardest campaign to beat?

Im also curious as to see what the hardest boss is to you.

I’ve beaten all of them on insane (except DLC campaigns)

But for the main ones I think 2 and Judgement take the cake for hardest campaigns. 2 because moving and trying to maneuver in gears 2 is awful and Judgement because it was actually difficult tbh. And the karn boss took a while for me to beat.


GoW 5 Chapter 2 Optional Mission Kestrel

GoW 3 Last Fight Queen Myrrah

GoW 1 Last Fight General Raam

GoW 2 aftering fighting Skorge, the Fight of Riding Reaver

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I struggled with the GOW2 Brumak/Corpser wrestling/button-mashing fight. I had to get my younger sister to do it for me (as she’s a total button-masher)! :smiley:

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Gears 2. But ill shout out the Gears 3 Tempest as well.


Tempest :sob:

The enemies half the time weren’t the issue with 2. It was the movement for me.


I remember the on -rails fight the Hydra was pretty tough to fight. The part when you first get to Nexus where the Queen traps you and all her Guards are above you shooting is pretty difficult as well.

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I had issues with the leviathan as well oddly enough lol.

The centaur mission was awful also.

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Yeah driving the Centaur was awful lol

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Driving from Chaps to the Outsider camp on the highway was difficult for me, that thing goes 5mph


And if you dont use the UV turret efficiently enough, one or two kryll follow you around and mess up your junker :weary:

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Raam was a b*astard on Insane as well.


On 2006 1? Yes.

On UE. No.

UE is a joke for beating it on insane.

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Gears 3 playing with 4 players on insane at the end…

Hours doing nothing. At the end we just gave up


That’s the dream right there. Playing 4 players on gears 3 insane :pleading_face:

@Forza_Cali one day?


yes! still downloading MCC lol

On topic: 2006 Beserker was tough and scary :disappointed:

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2006 berserker is the reason why I postponed beating the gears 1 campaign for a couple years :sweat_smile:

I would have to be second player for gears 3 campaign. I gotta be Dom

Then Jace :pensive:

Then Anya :smirk:

I wanna be Baird!

I forgot second player gets to be Baird for act 1 :smirk:

Baird is 4th player. Except when you’re with Jace and Anya, Anyas 4th. Then with Cole, Baird, Sam and Clay. I think Clay’s 4th.

If we do Judgement then first player is Baird. I think Sofias 3rd.

Personally, I don’t recall Gears 1 being too difficult.
Gears 2 was very difficult, so I cheesed it by having a friend play on normal.
I found Gears 3 fairly challenging, but nothing too bad.
Gears Judgement was very difficult and at times felt overwhelmingly challenging.
Gears 4 was really hard, certain chapters like ‘Do not go gentle’ come to mind. Pouncers can screw off.
Gears 5… Sadly I haven’t attempted it yet. I am much busier man than I used to be.

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Gears 1: Raam is simple enough to exploit. We all know the cheddar varieties that allow you to make him a joke of a boss. I played the campaign on Insane a lot, and the rest of the game is easy when you remember that certain areas and fights can be skipped if you run to the next checkpoint. I can practically speed run the game. Example: You can also run from the first troika after Carmine throws the Geobot in the e-hole all the way to the fountain, the fountain checkpoint gets saved; reload and it’ll be like you completed the previous fight. There are many areas like this. Use TBows on Boomers for OHKs. Use Hammerburst, don’t get into close range fights. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Gears 2: Not too hard, aim high, HB is still better than the Lancer. Explosives. Skorge? Run to the opposite side of the room from the side skorge is on, the pillars won’t get you at all. (the long side of the room with the pillars). Hydra is on rails. Skorge is a joke, compared to Raam, and . The Lambent Brumak is the weakest final boss

Gears 3: Arcade, Instagib Melee, Super Reload, Infinite ammo. Myrrah can be cheesed by going around the back of the circular area. No enemies spawn back there and you can pick off the therons. You’ll have to come back when she climbs the tower, but it does make it less cheap. Still consider this the hardest boss and even with mutators, this is the hardest game to beat on insane. Lambent stalk in front of Griffin’s second tower keeps generating pods not just enemies until a scripted number of enemies had been killed, so you couldn’t shoot them off to get the enemies to stop spawning like with others. That was the hardest fight aside from Myrrah.

Judgment: This was by far the second most difficult because I attempted to get Seriously Judgmental on the same run. You couldn’t cheese it like you could in other games.

Gears 4: Memento Mori on the big guys, and take out the Brumak with it. Nobody has time for that. Beat it on insane, however. This one is a war of patience. Final boss is a joke if you know how to fight it properly.

Gears 5: Haven’t touched since I beat it on Hardcore equivalent, and new game +. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game without it since that was possible. Insane and Incon remain unachieved. Hivebusters: I got to the escape the hive sequence, up to the part where the characters shoot the elevator cables to get up the shaft, on Incon, and the game refuses to load after that.

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