Hard to just enjoy the game concentrating on objectives

Instead of just playing and enjoying gears 5 I feel the objectives every day take away from it a lot. I have to constantly go into coop vs AI to get a certain map to win on and I can be there for a hour before it shows up. Or get kills with heavy weapons or play with certain characters in certain playlist. I feel I’m so into getting the stars everyday that I do it for 1-2 hours a day and then turn it off and I don’t even get to just enjoy the game. Sometimes you can complete them in 10 minutes and that’s great but most of the time you have to chase certain maps and things that you can’t just enjoy playing ffa or KOTH for the fun.


Yeah mission objective ruin the way on how you want to play the game. Rather than playing your own strategy it reinforces you play their way, it strikes me as odd and very limited. TC is known for their bad game design anyways.


And if you ignore them, you don’t unlock things, making the game stagnate.

Lose, lose.


Yeah I’ve thought this also.

I only get to play a few games a night and I’m forced to play with characters I don’t want.

Also the Tour objectives feel like a chore and I’m just not playing the game naturally like I have in the past. Just focusing on dumb stars


This is the main reason i am struggling to play G5, its just a grind to get rewards and force play modes you actually don’t like, then add in the other headaches like character locks etc and you become a bored zombie figure.

i really did want to keep playing G5 but after OP1 and looking at OP2 i can’t bring myself to do it all again.

To be fair it’s hard to enjoy it, period.


It’s a double edged sword for me. I love having challenges to work towards. It extends the life of a game. At the same time it also keeps you busy doing things I don’t enjoy in the fear of missing out on rewards.

In Operation 1 TOD, I go so used to just doing the daily 4 Challenges that when I was done I got bored and started playing less and less. I guess I was just playing to get General and not because I enjoyed the game.

It’s a damn shame. I feel the same way. Currently playing Coop Vs. AI just to find Vasgar and I’ve been at it for 20 minutes already. Took me an hour and a half to find Allfather’s Arena yesterday because at the one hour mark, I found the map but my game crashed before I could load into it, so i had to spend an extra 30 minutes looking for it again. This challenge alone always takes an hour out of my day every single day. Literally the worst challenge ever. Like, what the f*ck are they thinking…

It deters me from playing the game how I want to play it. I already detest the game and can hardly stand playing it, so why can’t I just hop on and play Versus without it feeling like a chore? I can understand the “Get x kills with Heavy Weapons” because you can do that in every mode, easily. While I can only do “Win a match on x map” in Versus mode. It would be nice if we could set our preferred challenge types so that I can only receive Versus challenges since I don’t give a damn about Horde or Escape.

I swear, all TC does is move backwards. I’m honestly getting tired of their BS. Oh, also, ToD2 is very disappointing, to say the least. I expected better, but I should just expect the least amount of effort to come from TC.


I like the objectives, ToD, but i don’t think it should be tied to skins/chars… Should be boost and iron and extra XP only.

Edit, should have been a reply to get got

I went into FFA to get 20 executions to unlock Lizzie. Trying to down+execute people when everyone else is using a shotgun is not fun.

I’m not going actively bother with the TOD so early on, we got time and that’s just going to burn me out.

Focusing on the fun aspects of the game right now.