Hard time connecting to online services or joining/starting a game

As the title says for some reason only on GoW5 for xbox one. I’m having extreme delays in connecting to online services. Tour rewards always shows up right away but my friends list takes 1-2 minutes to load. When I click on Verses, horse or escape it shows connecting to online services which takes another 1-2 minutes or sometimes 2-5 minutes. When that finally connects there are more loading problems…

Usually I play 2 horde matches a day 1-50 waves but just refreshing the search list takes forever. Joining a horde match takes a long time… other players joining the match always show up as syncing players for quite a bit. I never see the countdown to start the match or if I’m the host I have to mash x to start the match constantly before it actually starts counting down. There are other lagged issues and delays but I’ll stop there. And what is really weird is when I actually succeed in joining a horde match and start playing my ping is usually 10-20 or in rare cases 70-80. My acutal gameplay there is no issues.

Can anyone help me fix this? I’ve tried restarting my Xbox One and my router and modem. I don’t have any issues playing any other multiplayer games.

It’s a known issue and there’s several threads on this already. TC claimed to have fixed it but it’s still affecting people. Best to submit a support ticket.