Hard aim > hip fire?

It can’t just be me that’s felt this way lately right? Blind fire is like trying to take a leak on an ant in a tornado, hard aim is Robin Hood with 3x aim assist.

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This game rewards newcomers who walk about hard aiming. It’s ridiculous.

Personally I find the multiple delays before being able to shoot when coming out of roadie running/wallbouncing to be fatal, every time.


Hip firing feels pretty inconsistent. ( no real hit indicator either )

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Agreed. Up-A’s and back-A’s feel inconsistent as well. I’m not sure if that’s just me though.


These feel mostly fine to me. I can tell when I’ve flat missed an up-A, or when I get picked off in a back-A. A couple times I’ve been like “huh” but that’s just gaming so it’s fine. For me it’s been all about hip fire not working. All games have always had SOME kind of aim assist and that’s fine, but Gears 5 got crucified for having too much of it, and now it feels like they’ve over corrected it and taken it completely out…unless you’re hard aiming. And btw I don’t have an issue with hard aiming or those who do it, but the combat feels like it’s been orchestrated to give hard aimers a tactical advantage…which is ridiculous.

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Hmm, I see. My up-A’s and back-A’s just feel odd, never landing shots despite them being in the middle of my screen. There’s just something about the game that feels off to me, and it’s so annoying!

The gameplay definitely feels orchestrated though, which completely turns me off from playing it for the most part. Playstyles felt more varied and peculiar in previous Gears games. Individual Players had more personality in their gameplay and approaches, but in Gears 5 they don’t feel unique to me anymore. It feels like they’re brain-dead half of the time. They all play the same for the most part, or they only live by the hard-aim.


I get hard-aimed downed constantly in this game, it’s practically all I see on the kill cam. However, when I try to do it, its like my gun is shooting feathers. I can land solid up close blind fire, force them to retreat, and as they are running away I attempt to hard-aim them down… I will land every shot as indicated by the hit markers, but can never get a down.


Glad I’m not the only one, this game feels soooo inconsistent and i swear there’s some RND involved as to whether your shot’s hit and how much damage they actually do. I played thousands of hours PVP on Gears 1 and when I died (and i did, often!) I knew it was my fault, that game was solid.

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Nice comment but let’s not be ridiculous, we all know that when we die in Gears it’s NEVER our fault lol