Harbour Haze Co-op Vs AI?

I need play on Harbor Haze to get the achievement for playing on all maps. I’m wondering if anyone has seen this on the Co-op Vs AI playlist, played it a lot today and couldn’t ever find it.

Saw it once it ranked but unfortunately only 9 players got in, in another game I got outvoted :pensive:

If it does exist in Co-op Vs AI and you’re playing that mode for the weapon masteries or whatever, please send me an invite (gamertag is same as username) to put me out my misery for this achievement, thanks.

It should appear for Co-op vs AI. Maybe keep trying? If you get outvoted, then can quit and join again on Casual, Normal, Hardcore or Insane.

Problem is I’ve not seen it at all in Co-op only in ranked, so I’m wondering if it’s there at all .

I would suggest making a session with 4 others who are trying to get the same achievement and all voting for the same map that you need. Even in ranked there is usually someone that does not vote so you are almost guaranteed the map you want when it comes up.