Happy new year peeps

Where not quite there yet but not too far away, so I just thought I’d say now, happy new year to all the gears fans here, And out there of course, even though they have no idea I said it, But anyways, Happy New Year to you all, have a good one, or at least try.


Happy New Year Holmes!

They hear you, and yes they will try.

It will be significantly easier to enjoy the New Year with the absence of Gears 5. There’s 4 other decent titles.

Hi man… happy new year to you too man…

I really hope you have a good next year and you could able to accomplish all your wishes… my best to you too man.

Happy new year ahead of schedule :smile:

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Happy New year :sunglasses:

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Last time we played @foosniper it was very sick man !! we use the WW 2 Firing Squad Formation man !!!. it was a complete insane run man !!!.

Saving Private Ryan was for idiots in comparison of us man !!.

You were using KEEGAN " Black Version of COLONEL SANDERS " I remembered that.

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Happy New Year!

Fun game dan…anytime dude…happy new year :grin:

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you too man @foosniper happy new year :smile:

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