'Happy Killmore - Close An E-Hole by kicking a Ticker into it' question

So I’m aware that the first opportunity you can get this is Act 2-Chapter 7 'Baiting the Hook. However, due to just how many Tickers there are during it I found it pretty much impossible to get in the right position in time to kick a Ticker into the E-Hole due to them constantly rushing me and exploding, me not having enough AP etc. My question is, is there any other opportunities in the second half of Act 3 or during Veteran Missions where I can try again or am I screwed till I do another playthrough???

I did another playthrough on beginner for it with 2 supports with empower (gabe + 1 recruit) and had the scout marcella with sprint for it to work. In veteran missions it would be hard, only theoretical chance in on control missions where probability of e-holes is there.