Happy birthday Gears of War 3! There's one part of you I miss most!

Anyone else super miss the SCORCHER?


I didn’t like the weapon, but it gives the game a certain vibe. Felt like it belonged on Old Town. In this game, Old Town is just depressing.


Hahahaha yeah it is, its Slab I hate and it would be amazing with a bit of fire around those tight walls.

Only time I really used it was on berserkers.

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Yeah it was so helpful in the Lambert ones. She never saw it coming.

I miss the manual Hammer of Dawn.


Hell yes and the Gorgan pistol.

Imagine what we could do with Scorchers against Pouncers, Guardians and Sentinels…
Even against Bosses like Carriers and Snatchers.

Yeah, that was so much better to use against Bosses.
It wouldn’t last just 6 to 7 seconds and not a direct strike where Bosses could move out.

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