Hammerburst, why did TC not only change the balance? Why did they take it out as a rifle to begin with? (I've been in the game for a month)

I’ve been playing like a month, N i really miss the Hammerburst, can some one explain me why they take out for an starting weapon. And why TC don’t make balance change to take it in again? (srry Im Mexican and my english its not the Best o hope u can Under stand).

Your English is not bad my friend! :wink:

They taken the weapon out because they felt it was better as a secondary weapon. Plus in core teams (especially stacked) abuses the Hammerburst which easily dorminte the other team with no chance of countering it. Essentially it was overpowered in the hands of stacked teams.

As for balancing, I guess they dont have the time to do because if they change the hammerburst balance they might as well redo entire core tuning (which is possibly why they didnt want to rebalance for a single weapon)