Hammerburst Change In Gears 5?

Anyone think there will be (or want there to be) a change to the hammerburst in Gears 5 just to fit the pattern of it changing in every game? (correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not entirely sure they changed it from 3 to Judgement but other than that it has always had a changed method of firing lol).


I’m still mad that TC took away the option to have it on loadout. So bringing back that for 5 would be a huge plus to me right out of the gate. And in my personal opinion, GOW3 Hammy was a beast compared to GOW4. Oh my bad, you were talkin about the changes made from GOW3 to Judgment. I skipped the whole Judgment era, wasn’t my cup of tea, although I did buy it simply because I’m a sucker for the franchise.

Gears 5 should have every variant of Hammerburst :raised_hands:


I hope they do bring back the HB to gears 5 as a load out weapon. I was pissed when they catered to the cry babies an took it out. Gears 3 HB was the best. Semi automatic

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Frankly I feel they should have the classic return - give identical to similar damage of Lancer. This will make it balanced with it and just make it slightly more effective up close as burst comes out faster and less effective at range as burst has a spread.

The Gears 2/3/J HammerBurst needs to be like GoW2/J. Heavy recoil. Gears 3’s was right concept but the such little recoil made it an issue. A gun of this function does need to have more damage but it also needs to be harder to use. GoW3’s just needed you to fire in 3-4 bursts with split second delay to readjust aim and fire 3-4 more shots to down.

If keeping GoW4 style - in beta it was too weak. Launch it was too strong. I feel if had Lancer damage (includes same falloff damage and all too) and MINOR headshot bonus - as in if you got all 3 shots as a headshot it will count as 4 shots hit. Yes, works out to be 33% but you’re not going to hit 3 shots to head consistently unless up close. Can be dropped to be 3.5 shots in terms of damage.

I miss gow 3 hb. I loved it


I told @TC_Octus that the War Journal needs updating again. The Hammerburst is still as a primary loadout weapon, 2v2 Gnashers isn’t in there yet and the discontinued Warzone mode in still in it.
But I forgot to mention to him that the Hammerburst is still as a loadout for the bots in a private match. I think TC is too focused on Gears 5, which is kind of a good thing. Though it would it be nice to have another look at new trailer with more weapons being used. I really want to play the beta or test the alpha.

Bring my Gears 3 Hammerburst back. That would be nice. If not that, at least bring it back as a load out weapon. As it should be.

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Honestly, Judgement’s “Classic HB” and “Hammerburst” as two different options would make sense. Two different models, would make sense to have two different guns.


I agree with this.
Hell Id actually love to see a hybrid if they wish to only have 1 HB.
Make it function like the Classic HammerBurst (with Lancer like damage) but if hard aimed and hit joystick down to give partial zoom - it functions like the HB2 (again same damage) OR let us hold B and we do a melee swing followed brief animation to “switch fire mode” (I say this as to avoid the 'I wanted to melee but switched mode instead - so a melee swing ending with gun tilted on side to switch fire mode).
If you go by GoWJ Classic HB model it was the HB2 with ironsight and extended barrel removed. Could just make the ironsight part fold in half and extended barrel could slide inside of gun (animation of mode switch is fold and push barrel down)

Bring back gears 3 Hammerburst. People who can’t play are the only ones crying about that weapon. True gears players no how to make adjustments and don’t run right in the open with no cover. If all they want to use is gnasher play in gnasher only private matches


Didn’t Ryan say in the Arcade live stream that the Retro and the Hammerburst have effectively changed rolls/behaviors in Gears 5? I didn’t get a chance to use the Retro in the tech test, so I can’t really verify this.

Definitely. It’s never made sense that they didn’t have them in 4. It made even less sense in the prologue on E-Day considering Hammerburst II never developed until AFTER the Lightmass Bombing. Ridiculous.

Oh, AND it didn’t make sense for it to magically go back to being a burst weapon, that was ridiculous.

Just a personal question for you, as I’ve noticed you’re a fan of the HB.

Would having a Hammerburst re-skin of the Lancer make you happy? So you can still have the aesthetics of the HB, but it would work in a similar way as the Lancer e.g same DPS, same effective distance etc.

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Agreed. Very disappointed they took a rifle out that’s been selectable in loadout since gears 2. THey NEED to have this as an option in gears 5. So many other games give you options for different loadouts and play styles, this game needs to do that. The lancer and gnasher gameplay gets old after 100 hours of playtime. Need variety to keep it fresh sometimes.

With the new recoil patterns it’s an even bigger plus to add in rifles that give the player more to learn and to keep the game fresh. With the new updates to rifles it should make the loadouts more interesting and less OP when talking about the hammerburst issue that happened in gears 4. I believe that if something like that we’re to arise again, they could increase or alter the gun much easier and prevent situations like that from happening again, such as cross map hammerbursting down teams.

If they don’t include the hammerburst as a loadout weapon at launch it’ll be a missed opportunity for them.

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I gave you a like for this part. 100% agree, she is missed.

@I_TRS_GEAR_I Yes, the Hammerburst’s behaviour has changed. It’s now terribly ineffective at long range (compared to its usual standard) and the recoil is ridiculous. The Retro is surprisingly not too different from the Lancer this time round.

@zimaknights Interesting question, I’d have to say no as it would probably completely rule out the Hammerburst from the game. They could add it as a skin, sure, but it would be pointless. I do prefer the actual Locust design of the Hammerburst itself and how it stands on its own separate from the COG’s Lancer.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. The HB would still be unique, with its own firing pattern, it would just be on par with the Lancer. Meaning there would be no distinguishable difference between the two other than aesthetics, sound and maybe rate of fire. But they would both effectively do the same job. Example - Gears 3 HB but with a fixed ROF.

It is interesting though, if players aren’t able to accept that the HB would just be like the Lancer as a loadout weapon. It stands to reason that those players are essentially looking for an OP rifle to start with in their loadout… Any other way and the HB would be unbalanced as a starting weapon. Wouldn’t you agree?

The HB should be slightly stronger than the Lancer but then harder to control.

The Lancer should be more stable with a steady fire rate - as in, an all round Assault Rifle.

That’s how the balance comes in.

I really liked Gears 4 HB, even as a pickup (prefer it as starting).

Can’t say I like the one in 5.

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I thought the Gears 5 Hammerburst could use a little more power, but the recoil was minimal. But how about that major nerf to the Enforcer? The recoil has run wild on that one.

Ah, I see. I get you now. Well EnVii covered it, it definitely should have that slightly more damage capability to balance the Lancer’s bigger clip, steady rate of fire and chainsaw. Having them do equal damage wouldn’t work in the slightest, everyone would just use the Lancer.

I can live with it being a pickup weapon, but it’s terrible what they’ve done to it in Gears 5.

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