Hammerburst and boltock

Why do they still have locust branding? You would figure after 3 that the cog would have started manufacturing them between the 25 years. But then again I’m not sure if the lore actually mentions why the hammerburst keeps changing from 3 burst, to single, back to 3, and now 6. And I know judgement had a 6 shot dlc version

the lore doesnt explain why planet sera has turned into a shot holding simulator

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Because the HBs, Torques, Boltoks, Boomshots etc you find in 4/5 are the original weapons used by the Locust? Never made any new ones.

And why would the COG begin to manufacture the weapons of their enemies post V-Day? They made new weapons, but it goes in style with the new way the COG was leading with DBs and whatnot.

Sounds like “Why doesn’t the COG make new versions of the Markza?” because… they’re old and were used by the enemy. Why not make something better?


Exactly. In real life different countries have their own military hardware and equipment. Some smaller countries with alliances with a larger neighbour may purchase hardware from them, but it’s not exactly an unheard concept. You only need to look at the Ukraine-Russia war and you can see this. Many Western European countries have their own weapon systems compared to the US, or to Russia.

Let me add points B and C to this.

B. There was no reason for the COG to ramp up weapons production after the war because… it was over, not to mention the weapon stocks all over the world they had access to, making it redundant to increase production of the weapons themselves in any way.

C. The weapons were clearly dumped in the burial sites with the Locust because people were likely very intent on not seeing anything relating to the Locust ever again once everything was sealed up and forgotten, passing out of sight, and mind. It would be a more valid question to ask why the COG didn’t melt them down for steel/iron/whatever the weapons are made out of when they clearly needed materials to support new construction.

And who was the donkey also dumping all of the ammo used in those Locust weapons inside of the burial sites as well so the Scions didn’t just have the weapons for their army, but also enough ammo to last a lifetime? (unless they actually acted smart on that one and blew it all up)

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HERESY! SHAME ON YOU! They’re Locust weapons and damn well deserve the branding.

No it’s inconsistent and I’ve said this before, how it magically went back to being a 3 round burst weapon as the Locust hibernated I’ll never know.

I’m just going to assume it has a switch somewhere on the side. I absolutely loved the weapon in Gears 2 and especially Gears 3 (Hammy, my baby). I got used to it in Gears 4 but Gears 5 ruined her.

But if the weapons were dumped how come kait was able to get a boomshot from the fabricator when they reappear at the village? They had to at least start manufacturing them for that to be possible

Fabricator construction almost certainly works off of blueprint memory, so all you would need is accurate knowledge on how to replicate its components(something the machine can probably analyze on its own when given something). Meaning that the COG doesn’t have to be producing them in order for the fabricator to know how to replicate the weapon.

It’d be as simple as putting one of the Locust weapons into the fabricator, or the information on its inner working, and it could make you one from scratch, with the required materials of course. No need to start making the same weapons that your former enemy was at any point, especially with so many of them around.

And why would anyone in the COG even think of making more Locust weapons? The war was over and no one really suspected the Locust were still around and kicking once cleanup efforts were completed. Weapon production and creation would take a backseat to rebuilding cities and the society, and those resources still dedicated to it would NOT be used to create the weapons of the enemy that nearly wiped out human life on Sera. In no small part because those things would just remind people of the war, and everyone just wanted to put it behind them. While I believe the dumping of Locust weapons in burial sites to be an irresponsible and stupid decision, not manufacturing them in the COG wasn’t.

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Yeah, I’ve never thought too much about fabricators specifically because always seen them being more Gameplay focused.

I like the 3d printer approach though, even if it turns holograms into explosives.