Hammer Of Dawn in Gears 5? 0/

The Hammer Of Dawn was always an exciting weapon to use and I fear the Dropshot may have replaced it completely.


Yeah the Hammer of Dawn should be back to the franchise. The flamethrower too.


Indeed The Hammer Of Dawn has always been a huge part of the Gears universe and I have a feeling Kait, J.D and Marcus are going to need it eventually


I’m sure it’s still around and Baird’s been maintaining the satellites and what not

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Hammer of dawn would be nice, but I really want the sawed off back, such an under appreciated weapon!

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The Satellite network was steadily degrading over the years and as was mentioned in Gears 3, they were barely functioning so the old system would have ceased operating all together soon after.

The original purpose of the HoD was a deterrent that the COG and UIR sought to gain leverage and win the war, never intended to be used beyond a show of force to coerce their rival into submission - but the COG couldn’t have imagined resorting to it anyways when the Locust showed up.

When the Locust War was won, there really wasn’t much of a purpose to maintaining the old system, or even developing a new version with the main threat thought to be gone for good. Furthermore, there were painful memories associated with the original HoD so bringing it back would cause a lot of backlash among the surviving population.

For Jinn and the New COG, whose goal is to bring all of humanity under its banner, making the public aware of a new network would push a lot of people away and wouldn’t really serve any tactical advantages; none that they could have foreseen anyways.


The drop shot is more of a digger replacement


Hammer of dawn, digger and the mortar were fun weapons to use.:grinning::grinning:


Well The Locust have returned after breaking out of their cocoons and are raising a new army called the swarm so i think the HOD would be beneficial on the cogs part but i guess lightning windflares are kinda mini HODS

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You seem to know a ton of Gears Lore… impressive… would you say the windflares are somehow related to The Hammer Of Dawn?

Maybe. Just a random thought…

The windflares, the Hammer of Dawn, the Imulsion Counter Measure, and Azura’s cyclonic device. Can’t be sure, but there must be connection between some of these.

TC certainly deserves credit on this front, they’ve raised a lot of new questions and I couldn’t even begin to know where its all going.

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I thought the whole swarm as a standalone name was weak but it made sense in that 3 ignorant/inexperienced people didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with.

Real locusts (grasshoppers) travel in swarms to invade farms and wipe out crops.

In game context a swarm would be more equivalent to calling them units/battalions/companies/squads etc.

Going forward TC should refer to them as a Swarm of Locusts or just go back to simply calling them the Locust to make it work.

Don’t forget scorcher.

The Hammer of Dawn is powered by imulsion. It is possible in Horde mainly because of the mode being non-canon.

The imulsion counter-measure at the end of Gears 3 will have rendered the HoD useless.

Sorry to puncture hopes and dreams.

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whos to say that the counter measure actually worked though? The COG also thought they found a solution to the Locust problem as well but it would appear that wasn’t very successful

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I won’t mind the sawed off if its a pick up weapon like they did with the retro.

Id rather have it back in Multiplayer Because its still a cool Weapon to use, and they did use it at the end of GOW5 and probably cant use it again so id rather have jt in multiplayer Because who doesnt like blasting things with the power if the sun?