“Halo” skill question

I’m almost lvl 16 with EMILE and have a question about his ultimate skill halo. It says “regenerate stim after 8 seconds” does this mean after 8 seconds I get free stim, or do I need find a stim pack to begin with to regenerate? The word regenerate vs simply generate is what scares me.

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That’s funny, but didn’t answer my question

Yes it did. Give me the check mark.


I like jokers, but I also actually want to know the answer to this. Couldn’t find anything on google.

Stim pack? Stay undamaged for 8 sec.

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You just get free stim and there is no need for a stim pack. I don’t have Emile at level 16 yet but I think it only gives you one point of stim. While it might not seem like much, it allows you to take a melee hit off an enemy which is extremely useful on higher difficulties in Escape.

After 8 seconds of no damage and you have full health you will start getting stim, no need for a stim pack.

Every 8 secods u dont take damage you get stim

Look for the topic “Can someone explain Stim?”
I shared some details about Stim there.

—Skill Card: Halo—
“Taking no damage for 5s will regenerate Stim.”
Initially, Stim shows as a visual effect only on the character model. As it charges - at a rate of 25% Stim/minute, or ~0.4% Stim/second - you see this hexagonal grid pattern creep onto the screen. After waiting undamaged for 4 minutes, a faint cog outline appears in the centre, indicating a full charge.

Of course, with the help of Marcus or COG Gear, you can gain Stim more quickly.

It’s not the best stim in the game but it’s okay. The plus is you don’t have to do anything special to generate it besides not take dmg.

Dels is great but only if your repairing. Useless when your trying to fight.
Marcus’s stim only works when he has his ult.
CoGs stim only works when headshotting with a pistol.
Lizzie has the best stim hands down. Builds stim while causing dmg.

Stim is basically a layer of shields the enemy has to drop before causing health dmg. If you have 1 point of stim a boomshot won’t kill you. Any single dmg projectile will just drop the stim.