Halo: Reach Weapons Pack

So Gears 5 lets you play as Halo: Reach Spartans Emile and Kat (which is awesome by the way!) but why not go the whole mile and make a Halo: Reach weapons (skin) pack for the COG/Locust weapons to be their Halo equivalents?

Some examples that would be a nice fit with the current weapons of Gears 5 (same size, similar use, similar style/play as the Halo versions)
Breaker Mace = Gravity Hammer
Hammerburst II = BR55 Battle Rifle
Enforcer = M7 SMG
Snub = Plasma Pistol
Boltok = M6G Magnum
Lancer GL = Assault Rifle
Enforcer = Beam Rifle
Dropshop = Grenade Launcher
Markza = D.M.R. (“Reach” version)
Longshot = Sniper Rifle
Tri-Shot = Machine Gun Turret
Gnasher = M45 Shotgun
Salvo Rocket Launcher = Missile Pod

Obviously some of the above are not weapons that normally have skins available in the “customisation” section but these could be equipped as they are picked up or alternatively just the regular weapons could be made available as skins for use with the Halo: Reach characters…

This would be so cool, hope any one else who might be interested or has any suggestions can help draw Coalition’s attention to this as a possible DLC/Update for these characters!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:
Ali B 1475

Im all for that idea. but id rather get the rest of noble team in here. three could be another sniper, five could be a tank and 1 can be a offense. If we could get six with a changeable male/female skin they could be a scout like class.

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Beeecause it wouldn’t be y’know… GEARS anymore??

What do you guys think of this?

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I admit that I use Emile in versus because I’m fond of Halo Reach and he looks badass to say the least, but I wouldn’t want to have anymore cameos in the game as far as I’m concerned. And like my dear @SSZombieQueenSS puts it, it wouldn’t be Gears anymore. It’ll be more like Super Smash Bros Xbox Shooter Edition.

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Tacky tacky tacky crossovers are jus so tacky

I feel sick everytime I look at them