Halo Reach Ties?

Kat, Emile…

Please tell me this isn’t an Omen.

We all know what happened in Halo Reach right ? Everyone dies. Kat and Emile are both dead.

I know it’s way early, and it’s a new trilogy but this is how I hope it goes:

Kait crushes the final boss, gives it the finger… tea bags it… holds her lancer up and drops it like she’s dropping the mic… then role credits.

That’s how I hope game 3 ends. Given the games previous history with female characters(they all die) I really hope Kait comes out ok in the end.

Sofia, Anya. Maria, Reyna… even poor lizzie gets the axe.

Just saying… there might be a hint of misogyny in the air.

I think I’d be more than a little upset to play through another trilogy to end up feeling less than great about how it all turns out.

Hopefully Kait will break the pattern of every female in Gears dying.

As long as Sam makes it.

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Speaking of her, she does clearly still live in both Gears 4 and 5. So technically, not every female character in Gears dies. Also, Sofia’s fate seems unclear at best.

And I don’t think they’ll do much to Kait. The worst I could somehow see is if they tried to implement a plot twist where you had to find a way to counteract and reverse an infection in her body risking to turn her, but I doubt/hope TC won’t do that. It wouldn’t really fit with her character to turn evil, and not really fit well with the whole “breaking the chain/lineage” stuff they’ve got going with her. Would also render the symbolic act of Kait pulling that necklace off at the end of 5 completely devoid of any meaning if they made her turn or risked her being turned.

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It’s an omen that Microsoft wants to sell copies of the upcoming Reach re-release.

Yeah, I thought the same thing when she tore off the necklace.

I just really think it;s about time they let a strong female character come out on top of things instead of six feet under. It’s become a bit of a blemish on the game IMO as far as gender participation in their games. "Only allowed in if we can kill them " sort of attitude.

Giving her the lead is a great thing. That took guts on their part. I hope they see it through and let her overcome every obstacle towards victory.