Halo Reach Characters

What happened to the halo reach characters? They haven’t given them to me.

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Same here


Apparently gamepass sharing won’t give you your UE content. I don’t have mine either.

I got mine. Must be bugged. A lot of things seem to be

Are you sharing game pass? If so only the subscriber gets the UE content. Which is extremely scummy and should’ve been mentioned.

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Mine appeared after 24 hours… I’m not sharing tho

Im not game sharing

Any game dlc is tied to the original account. This has always been the case on any console

Wrong. DLC using gamepass works for every other game. Borderlands content, season passes, anything. So no. I want my UE CONTENT!

R u game sharing? U will get it eventually

I’m game sharing, I’m not the subscriber. But it shouldn’t matter.

Its tied to the main account.

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Dude are you not reading correctly? Everything on gamepass for every other game is shared among anyone who decides to gameshare EXCEPT THIS GAME. It shouldn’t matter who the subscriber is.

I have ultimate gamepass I have gears 5 and I’m playing it early…therefore I should receive my UE content along with the game.

Interesting. Didnt know that. Just have some patience. Im sure u r not the only 1 i am missing unlockables to

Apparently they think this is acceptable.

It’s complete garbage. there is no other game I know that is doing this.

I literally wasted money using a different account to subscribe to gamepass because this crap wasn’t mentioned.

Stop crying. You cry on every post. You get the content on 1 account, not two.

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He gets that it’s on one account. The question is why is it on one account? It could just…y’know…not be like that? Then everyone could have the two characters that have been advertised to death as “available with game pass ultimate” for half a month and people wouldn’t be disappointed.

Havnt got them either

When playing splitscreen I get terminator and halo packs but my wife only gets Sarah Connor