Halo Reach character pack toughts

I just saw the Halo:Reach Character pack ad today and wondered for a moment how to get it, then I saw it was going to be linked to the Gears 5 UE, or game pass ultimate and was not impressed or happy they are tying the new cross over pack to these two.

Gears 5 UE secret characters should be GOW universe characters not cross over characters.

I also wonder if the Halo Reach character pack will be sold as DLC at some point as not everyone wants to buy the UE of Gears 5.


I was expecting ultimate “Gears” content but it was more like “Microsoft” content. I’ve never played any Halo games and from what I’ve seen I most likely never will, I’m not interested in this at all, it just looks like a generic low quality design to me.

I could just cancel and order the standard version but since it involves credit card, currency conversion, the bank takes a month or two to get it done and so forth, guess that’s it.

Very dissappointed TC.

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Agreed. The Gears 5 preorder exclusives should be Gears universe characters only, not cross over characters. Developers should always go by the assumption that those who preorder a Gears game are primarily Gears fans, and not make any assumptions that they are also fans of Halo or Terminator.

Any cross-over material should be sold and acquired through other ways. In this case, I think it should have been as exclusive codes included with the Halo: Reach preorder or something.


Cant argue with you guys!
I dont have any problems with Emile and Kat for a dlc… but since they are in the Gears 5 UE im disappointed…
Bad move TC

I admit they made a good choice to go with Halo Reach but it’s more “WTF” for a tie in then Terminator to me.

After having dinner and thinking on it I’m conflicted on spending $20 more for a game that is likely to be very good or stick with the standard edition, but both GOW 4 and 5 did not offer enough in my opinion to warrant spending extra.

GOW 2 and 3 gave you physical items and stuff linked to the lore, 4 just gave the season pass which was “all the maps”, 5 is just 1 character pack and 30 days of boost which is not a whole lot. Not a lot of incentive to get more then standard.