Halo Mashup Characters

Any news and/or does anyone know if those rumored COG Spartan and Locust Arbiter were legit? Or just another scam?

I think the characters were a scam they would have been released at this point. Plus they orginal came from the gears of war mexico facebook which they always tend to make a lot fake news.

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Anything thats doesnt come from TC first, is fake news. Also bud just be aware any non-official information like this will lead to the thread being deleted/locked.

They just want to protect fans from false info and all that.

Again, in future just dont believe information that TC hasnt announced/revealed. That sort of information is simply clickbait.

I wouldn’t really call it scam - more like a fan made tease.

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if you see game play footage its more than likely real.

Ah alright. See, I first heard of it on Youtube while I was scrolling. Never saw anything about the Mexico page. Thanks.

It’s fake images watermarked with the YouTuber’s cringey channel link so that they can get fake viewers

Incorrect, thats not the source… But I’m neither going to say where it came from nor further discuss it.

Mexico page is not the actual source, FYI. But as I said I’m not going to discuss it further and its best to leave it as that.

Oh, alright? Except on further investigation I found many people crediting Mexico Facebook for it.

Not the ones I saw, they were blank cards and the one trailer.


Fair. The last two I’ve seen are watermarked though.

I’m glad. Implementing other characters from different Franchises to Gears of War would be ridiculous.

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No idea what the relevance was but why not :rofl: