Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has me worried about Gears 6

Morning mate, can you elaborate ? Interested to hear your reasons for this appraisal

Gameplay is fun, but as most games nowadays on launch it needs work… Lots of work.

Cant search for what mode i want is stupid, promotes quitting.

People play objective game modes but only interested in doing thier weeklys and not the objective gets frustrating.

Searching btb as a team but when u spawn in ur team isnt always together.

And no crossplay toggle, dam pc cheaters already have wall hacks n stuff😢

Cosmetics, dont really care for them.

As of just now im only doing the weeklys for xp progression for completing a battle pass achv. Have the rest except for revives in elimination. Which isnt available atm.
I assume this will be similar to trials in destiny, :thinking:

Here’s how to disable crossplay on console:

  • At the dashboard, open the guide menu by tapping the “Xbox button” on your controller.
  • Under the “profile & system” tab, click on the settings option.
  • On the General tab, move to then click on the Online safety & family menu.
  • Select Privacy & online safety.
  • Select Xbox privacy.
  • Select View details & customize.
  • Select Communication & multiplayer.
  • Under “You can join cross-network play”, select either Block or Allow (when switching back and forth from no crossplay to crossplay).

You may find that you’ll have to turn this off and on all the time when playing different games. I tried doing this while playing destiny & it bugged out and wouldn’t matchmake or even let me accept/send game invites. I haven’t messed around with infinite yet to see how effective it is, but this is the way to disable crossplay.

Anyway, hope this helps! Good luck!

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You do get each piece individually, you are getting the CORE mixed up with the KIT. KITS just allow you to look like the characters if you look at the pieces they are for the MARK V core. Which we all start with, unfortunately you can only equip MARK V items on there and vice versa for other CORES.

Some players in Halo subreddit mentioned Gears 5:

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Here’s a list of some major changes:

Store Overhaul(New earnable currency: Gears Coins):
Gears 5 | New Store. More Content.

PVE classes separated from characters:
Gears 5 | Operation 5: Hollow Storm – PvE Overview

Re-up XP reduced(by 82%) and more rewards(Heroic skins):
Gears 5 | Re-up changes coming Feb 9

Locust and Lambent Enemies coming to Horde:
Gears 5 | This Week in Gears – Apr 27 – May 3

Final Versus tuning:
Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive


How long do you think its gonna take for 343 to respond or overhaul their system?

more on halo forums :joy:

Well, it looks like that they are currently on vacation as Halo Infinite has gone gold:

“Changes will take time…”

It’s hard to tell. But it’s certain that overhauling this greedy system will take a lot of time(6 months?):

  1. The entire system was built to force players to grind and pay:
    (1)No player levels, only Battle Pass tiers
    (2)Slow leveling up - The number of challenges every week is limited. 50XP per match no matter you win or lose.
    (3)“Create the problem, and then sell you the solution” - design difficult challenges and sell Challenge Swaps
    (4)“Fear of Missing Out” - Weekly rewards that take hell of a grind; Daily store refresh
    (5)Very few free items and the event drags on for months - Yeah, that’s you right there, Fracture: Tenrai.
    (6)Double dipping - Armor pieces and coatings for 1 armor core can’t be used on another. You have to purchase them again.

  2. A few days ago, Halo Infinite’s future store items costing $1000+ and future events got leaked.
    Obviously, they had a schedule for rolling out these ridiculously expensive store items.
    They didn’t expect or prepare for such huge backlash from players.

  3. Also, there are players who have alreafypurchased expensive store items.
    So if 343i make these items earnable, these players will be dissatisfied.

By the way, here’s a very funny video about 343i’s lies:


Doesnt work, thx though.

:cry: well…. That sucks!

Hopefully they enable the “off switch” in game soon. Sorry.

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Hopefully the crossplay toggle becomes a thing.

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Well, whoever came up with how the store system works in Gears 5 is a MS employee that made 343 use a similar one in then.

This is what happens when we get f2p games

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personally, i would absolutely LOVE getting to create my own character and use that in online and story modes. More so, since this game left that fourth slot wide open for no reason. That empty slot could easily let a created character be in the story mode, without negatively effecting said story.

Given what i’m hearing about halo, and how bad the character customization was in Tactics and how fast they abandoned that game, it really doesn’t leave me with much hope for gears 6.

Uhhh, the moderator from 343i has locked down Halo subreddit because someone created a super toxic post, :thinking:

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Well what do you know :sunglasses::triumph:

All I know is this:
Temporary r/Halo Lockdown : halo (reddit.com)
I didn’t see that toxic post before it was deleted. But it seems that the situation really went out of control at that time.

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I really didnt expect this to happen, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

TC outsourced Tactics to Splash Damage, and Splash Damage is now owned by TenCent.
In what way was customization bad in Tactics?

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I like Gears 5, I like Infinite.

Will be playing Gears 6 on release day.