Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has me worried about Gears 6

*DISCLAIMER: I haven’t played Gears 5 since Nov 2019, I was disappointed with the game at launch and I have never had a reason to comeback since. I still love Gears as a series though, and only want it to succeed.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gears 5’s store, tours of duties, and operations was Microsoft’s guinea pig for the current state of micro-transactions in modern gaming. Yes, Halo 5 and Gears 4 had micro-transactions all those years ago, but they were limited compared to what the current installment of each game have now.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to play. While it is a good business decision, many were nervous as to what extent the game would be monetized and what would mean for customization.

343 claimed “that they are not sitting around thinking of ways to take things away from players” and that they have Halo: Reach levels of customization so they can focus on “building systems that can allow for better player expression”,

While the game play itself has great bones, they straight up lied about Infinite’s customization and the battle pass is a complete sh*t show. It is a slow, tedious, and sometimes frustrating slog that feels like a job despite them saying they want it otherwise.

I don’t want to reiterate all the BP and customization issues of another game here, but for an idea of how bad it is here: a post that outlines the store.

For a quick example: You know that big security shoulder pad with the kukri that Emile from Reach wears? You can unlock Emile’s kit through the battle pass but you can only wear that shoulder pad when you have his kit (i.e his whole armor look) equipped . Yeah, you do not get that shoulder piece to equip separately, you get the small one he has, but not the one everyone wants. That security shoulder pad set is an extra $10 only available in the store. Even then it’s locked to the MKV armor core.

What worries me the most is that Microsoft for sure had a large part to play with how Infinite’s monetization came to be. If they were willing to do that to their most popular franchise, who’s to say what they’ll do to a franchise that has faded significantly over the past few years?

I sincerely hope TC has the courage to point their finger at the current state of Infinite, flak and criticism included, and convince Microsoft to not have anything as bad as Gears 6, I hope it could at least make whatever micro-transactions that will be in more Gears 6 bearable than what’s in Infinite.

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If Gears 6 launched with the same store system that Gears 5 has, im sure alot of people would be happy.


The fact the Infinites customization rely on creating your own Spartan/Character there is a good chance this wont happen. We’ve never had the freedom to customize characters outside of Tactics COG Gears.

tl;dr I wouldn’t be too worried about it being bad as Infinite if they stick to current day Gears 5 store.

Yeah, I’ve heard TC has changed some things since launch. But I have no idea as to what extent, as I haven’t played it since just after launch.

If you say people would be happy it must be alright.

Basically everything that comes out, that isnt esports related, you can buy for coins. You get a sh*tload of coins from everywhere in the game too so you will always have coins.

Theyre also putting everything in the store that wasn’t an exclusive reward like Road to Gears 5 and General Tour of Duty rewards.

I don’t think anybody would complain, but I don’t see them bringing it back. I feel like they don’t make any money off of it.

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That is actually a significant change. I remember going through all of tour 1 earning no iron or unlocking any characters. Earning coins in game is already better than Infinite where credits is only store bought.

It sucks because 343 stated that they would do something similar with the way things are sold, but right now the katana piece they have been hyping for that fracture event is $15 and only available in the store.

Thats because there were like 8 characters in the game at the time for each team and when new ones came out they were locked behind paying money or the awful totem system. Which they also got rid of in OP4. OP4 and OP5 were the turning point for Gears 5. It was all way better once those OPs came out.

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Post Op4 Gears 5 store is one of the better changes they made to the game. Basically new content would be available for Iron for one week. Then the following week would be attainable via Gears Coins. Win-win for TC and the player.

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Oh yeah, I remember those totems. They came out just after I left and pretty much gave me just another reason to leave.

Would you say that Gears 5 is in a comparable state to Gears 4 at the end of it’s run? Not just in terms of cosmetics but gameplay and weapon tuning as well. Every time I came on these forums to see what was up, there was always people “discussing” the current state of balance.

I got back into Gears 4 about a year before 5 released and was pleased to find a good solid gears experience. I played the hell out of it and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It didn’t take me too long to save up for my Grenadier and it genuinely brought me back to my gears 3 days.

As of right now, in my opinion

Gears 4 Versus > Gears 5 Versus
Gears 4 PvE < Gears 5 PvE
Gears cosmetics/Store < Gears 5 Cosmetics Store.
Gears 4 Maps < Gears 5 Maps

To me, the only thing Gears 4 has the edge over 5 is the Versus. I dont think Gears 5 versus is bad, in fact I enjoy it alot now, but its just not as good as Gears 4 Comp. The PvE and Store for Gears 5 is just miles better than what 4 had to offer. I think most will agree with me on all of this. Its the general consensus with Gears 5.


Infinite has most videogame companys worried right now. In my honest opinion, I don’t ever see gears beating halo in sales or popularity. I have hope for gears 6 being good but I dont think TC can exceed halos status.


Yeah… that’s not gonna happen. Wishful thinking though.

Even the weekly challenges in infinite are stupid…

Get x kills with x weapon… Ok ill play btb and who cares if i lose👍

Win a match of stockpile… Searches and gets slayer… Search again and get ctf, :man_facepalming:

Some players in the forums will strongly favour gears 5 overall whereas a lesser number will prefer 4 overall. The imbalance in numbers in these forums (5 fans vs 4 fans) may simply be a case of many gears 4 (and other earlier generations) fans simply abandoning the franchise in favour of other titles. There is thus no participation in forums from them.

I know that the vast majority of friends i gained in 3 and 4 have barely bothered with this edition and judging by the low numbers completing even basic achievements, there seems to be a less dedicated playerbase. There is little doubt that gears 5 pvp is not the best but other aspects of the game are less clear cut. PvE? Hmmm…i think 5 has made some positive changes but i think TC underestimated their players. Spamming is the worst its ever been as is the overall state of player intelligence. If you include escape, the sheer lack of numbers tells all you need to know. Bugs, confusing card descriptions, cards that dont work etc…gears 5 is way out in front. The store? The aforementioned totem system was awful and i gave up on unlocking characters because i didnt want to do the escape aspect. Its better now for sure although i would still like to see the likes of Griffin rather than sarah connor. Other peoples preferences may not mirror your own and weight of numbers may not necessarily be much of an indicator. I like gears a lot more after op 5 but for me g4 is still a truer test overall and a more enjoyable experience despite its own flaws.

I think playing Halo albeit beta multiplayer makes one extremely happy to be a Gearhead. Don’t get me wrong the Halo I mp is great and obviously Gears 5 has two plus years over it, but looking at us as of right now, even with some of the BS we have had to deal with, we have been very lucky.

I am concerned for 6 in multiple ways but that is because I’m (we are) passionate about our game and want it to push on.

I wouldn’t deem character customization impossible for Gears 6. I’m definitively not certain it will be in, far from, but around when tactics was new it was something that was sometimes requested to be put in gears 5 and I’m quite sure that it is something tc will at least think about during development.

I’d expect some form of further weapon customization rather than just slapping a different pattern on the same base skin as it’s been done in previous games. But not entirely sure about character customization beyond what we already have, besides for generic Gears.

@bob_is_eve @AmicableWall421

I totally welcome the idea and definitely think it would be nice to have. Just can’t help but notice there seems to be a pattern where companies wanna release their own skins. I don’t know all the specifics but I assume they make more money this way.

nothing will be worse than gears 5

Halo Infinite’s progression system is worse than Gears 5’s.

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