Halo Edition Series X Crashes while playing Gears 5!

This happens every time I try to play Gears 5. It completely shuts off my console! I have been trying to play every week to see if it has been fixed. It does not do this with any other game. Any ideas? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times.

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Not sure, nobody else ever has this issue.


Have you tried turning it off and on again…:smiley:

…sorry just watched an episode of the IT crowd. Hopefully you get it sorted.:+1:

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I honestly wonder if people are trolling. Just doing a Google search brings up multiple forum topics from here and Microsoft forum.

People really are too dense for their own good.

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From what Ive read if you send in a special edition console for repair you may not get a special edition console in return so if you decide to send it in for repair make sure to ask about that.

Most people say to send it in and usually they get one back without the issue. Me personally, i sent mine in and the one i got back still crashes in Gears 5. Im not the only person to have done this either. To be fair my first one also crashed in Forza. With this new one I played all the Forza story missions and beat Halo Infinite without issues as well as several hours in other games.

One person on the Microsoft forums said they sent theirs in twice and still had the issue and also had the issue out of the Halo edition one which is where i read about what i posted above

Personally Im glad when someone makes a new post about this instead of just doing a google search. Maybe new post will grab the attention of the devs or Microsoft that buried threads wont. But it would probably be more helpful to send a bug report via the Gears support site or from the XBOX.

Sadly, posting here won’t help.

I think this is a massive issue with the consoles that has been plastered over by most games not being powerful enough to stretch the hardware - yet.

Maybe Microsoft know and they have been limiting release of the consoles for this reason. Can you imagine the bad press this would cause for Microsoft if the console was available for mass release?

They strangely don’t seem to have supply issues for replacement consoles.

Oh id hate to be them if this was a widespread issue after the rrod. Part of me hopes they could fix it with a software update but it only seems like they try too when it is widespread. Like a few months ago when the new 2k games were having the issue.

A couple of people on the microsoft forums said playing in offline mode actually helped them. I had problems out of the XBOX One and my internet before. But whats the point in that for someone who wants to play multiplayer too lol.

I am like you though. Im curious to see how other games do. I havent really purchased any of the games id call demanding like maybe Call of Duty. Halo is fun but I wouldnt say its a graphical masterpiece to test with.

How is this guy?

Knock on wood I haven’t had this issue, yet anyway.

I have the Halo edition.

I will say that Gears seems to “tax” a console more than other games. My Gears One X still sounds like an airplane ready for takeoff when playing Gears.

I do recommend a good compressed air cleaning and put the console where it’s well ventilated.

Most people say they do and really don’t.

I suspect at some point we will learn that the cooling system is not adequate when taxed. Those that tax it the hardest, even inadvertently, are having problems.

Would totally agree though it shouldn’t be an issue at all.