Halo 6(GEARED UP!)

Since some very bored spartians visited sera,wouldn’t be cool if some equally bored gears visited the halo universe.Who knows what gears could show up in halo 6.Just think of the pre orders for halo 6 if this comes to pass.People would wear out a credit card to get this extra content.Show of hands who wants this to happen?

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No. But I will take a Cortana in Gears.


Yeah, cos a hologram would be perfect in a game with so many hit-detection issues! :smiley:


Spartian Delivery Driver Mac!? :thinking:


Delivery Driver Locke

Shhhh don’t give them any ideas.

This could happen.
Who remembers Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet?


Cortana in Gears 5 as playable character in Horde, Escape and Versus :smiley:

Halo doesn’t need help from gears of war to generate sales. 343 built enough hype with the trailers and teasers. And halo infinite will probably have microtransactions just like halo 5 so they won’t have to worry about money.

As long as I can chainsaw and curbstomp and execute Spartans.