Halo 360 Services are going offline, What are people gonna do when Gears 360 services go offline

I Suspect it won’t be for a while but still a lot of people say that they play 1-3 on a regular basis so what will they play?

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Gears of War 4 obviously.


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Like you said, it probably won’t happen for a while, these games are on GP and it would be silly to get rid of a significant portion of the game whilst its still a part of it.

If TC makes something akin to MCC, I could see TC getting rid of it then. These games have been supported for a while, to their credit, just like the 360 Halo games were, those were supported for a much longer time than Halo 2 was, they only had 6 years on that (both the Xbox and the Vista versions incidentally had the same amount of time). Halo 3 will have been supported for 14 years. A lot of games don’t make 4/5 years.

But I don’t think we are near this avenue yet. Something to think about though. I don’t think TC will do it unless a long time passes or a viable alternative comes along (i.e. a remaster). I could see Gears 1 going offline if I’m completely honest though.

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Not gears.

Don’t appreciate how political it is.

& to me it’s completely political it’s my opinion not an argument. 70k people feel the same way if you dig around… for those that come at me.

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The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5

Gotta move on someday

Just think, One day there won’t be a new Gears game. Then what?


Still should allow for private matches.

I get tired of 5 too quick.

I rather fight some bots on 2 or a friend on 1. Way more fun.

Theres always the ultimate edition of gears

True but if or when they take the gears games of old offline and there isn’t a Fenix collection to migrate to most people on those old games will probably migrate to UE

I’ma cry when they take that offline

I hate people who say “classic halo servers down = sad day :(”

I say good riddance. 30 fps is a headache and the only people who were playing were hackers/DDoS’ers and 3rd world connections.

“Its a part of halo history” some would argue. Would you go back to using cable or DSL internet because it was a part of history?

But yeh, we need a marvus fenix collection

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I’d figure there’s still a couple of years for that to happen, so don’t put too much thought into it, enjoy it while it lasts.

And btw it actually makes sense for the halo 360 services to go offline. Master chief collection is a solid replacement for this. Microsoft would obviously want people to purchase the MCC to play multiplayer at higher resolution and framerate. MCC is also included in gamepass too.

Pray for a Marcus Fenix Collection, that’s what i’d do.

You should not worry about Halo Xbox 360 services going offline, The Master Chief Collection is the solution for that.
As for Gears, maybe remastered versions are on the way. They did it for the original Gears of War.

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Yeah Halo really takes care of their products.

If I’d known gears was going down the political route when I was young I would’ve stuck with Halo.

I don’t vote. That’s how much I care about both sides of politics.

Can’t believe they did this to the game…

Then Gears will die, everything ends eventually.

When that happens, it will be a sad, sad day…

Some say Gears has already died.
The Coalition have not exactly been good to Gears, have they.

At the current rate, Gears needs to die. Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 is in comparison Star Wars Episode 1, 2 and 3. Some hate them, others love them, and from what i have heard even Disney want to erase these episodes. I do wonder, if Epic got their hands on the Gears franchise, would they erase Gears of War 4 and Gears 5.
As i have said before, Gears 6 is, or could be a decider. Personally, i am not holding out much hope.

343, in my opinion did mess up Halo though. They have tried to fix their mistakes, and Halo 6 will be kill or revive.
Or Microsoft will get rid of 343 and put Bungie back in there. After the Destiny thing, i am not sure Bungie belong back anywhere. But, who knows for certain. Except, i am sure they can do a better job than 343.
Lets face it, the best 343 have done is what has already been done, they have used Bungies work and re labelled it in their name. Awesome. Sarcastically said.


Maybe this is the naive side of me talking but I still believe in TC, sure they haven’t been too competent recently but in some aspects, they are genuinely trying. They have tons of people constantly berating them and telling them to implement this and implement that, you can’t really blame them for not pleasing the fanbase, the fanbase is divided and they don’t know what they really want. When they do implement something we want, we barely use it or we just complain about it. They just need to look at the older games and understand what made the older games amazing, the gore, the amazing storyline, the great characters, etc. If they can do that I think Gears can still survive another generation.