Halloween vs DOTD

It would be great if on each side, whether the CGO or the Swarms, were related to a celebrated day. I think that CGO characters were only identified by the DOTD, while the swarms with Halloween. Since The Coalition 2 years in a row, had been releasing special COG characters designs for DOTD. I would like to see The Coalition make special swarm characters for halloween this present year or for the next one. Because I like more this celebrity day but I feel that is a little forgotten on this game.

I think they should just go full Halloween. I’m hoping for like a kait, but dressed as Marcus! Or maybe a swarm drone wearing a scion costume!


Just throw a bed sheet over them and say they are ghosts


Flowing ghost sheets while running would be awesome.

And locust/swarm get Jason Masks or Michael Myers Masks


I would really appreciate if they made a spooky locust sniper that looked like a mad scientist.
The grenadier could be Frankenstein,
Raam could Dracula etc.
its almost 2019…just make it happen. You gave us color blast kait…

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That will be totally cool.