Halloween Content Paywall

The new skins for Kait/COG Gear and weapons for the Halloween event look cool but 8$ for one skin is absurd. Given the myriad issues Gears 5 has, including being completely unplayable today, some of this stuff should be in supply drops or earnable.


they should give it for free as a big THANK YOU for all the support the customers have given, even though the game its horrible and doesnt even work at times.


Nobody’s even mentioning how we can’t get the full weapon skin set without paying. Just 13 of them. Pretty unfortunate.


I was one of those peoples that spent over 300 on esports supporter packs for gears 4 but I will never pay 1 dollar on gears 5 content.


I wonder why you took that decision of not spending a dime on Gears 5

Other than esports, content was all earnable with credit packs .This game most regular content is not earnable that should be. I think that is completely not fair so for that I refuse to give this company any money. Only reason I have this game is with game pass and have that for 3 years.


Plus the event “free” skins are missing main weapons…but you can find them in the store.

Totally waste of time .


People use to â– â– â– â– â–  when they got flags in gears of war 4 packs and now u have to spend 7 dollars for a flag.


I wonder how many people wouldn’t mind paying for skins if they were only $1 or $2. $8 is ridiculous, but a buck or two? Just curious. Definitely wish the event skins were purely unlockable though.


It’s like that line in The Book of Eli where he says “people threw out what we kill for now”…oh i guess thats not the same as this but still

I liked the Day of the Dead skins in Gears 4 better than this and it was free. Will not be buying this inferior version.


I would still mind paying any amount in a non F2P game. I spent nothing in 4 and will continue to pay nothing in 5. Everything should be earnable and not buyable. This is a retail game and I will not support MTX in a PAID retail game. Nope, no, never.


It looks like the starter weapons are being sold for direct money purchases and the rest are event rewsrds. Basically it’s a way of trying to hook players who get the reward weapons into wanting to complete the set and purchasing the starter weapons pack. Cheap move TC. Cheap move.


Fair enough. Different people have different opinions on it, though, and I’ve seen loads of people saying it’s too expensive, so I was wondering what not too expensive would be for them. Or if there really isn’t an acceptable price point and they wouldn’t pay for it regardless but won’t come out and say it.

I have no problem saying about not paying for MTX in a PAID game. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves with the industry today is how $60+ retail games have MTX in them when they’re not F2P. It’s a disgusting practice and I feel like that they did all the season passes which had decent content and now they just want to squeeze money.
I get that it’s a business, that’s not the issue, it’s the fact that people pay a lot of money on the game, or whatever special editions are with it so it can be anywhere from 60 to 90 dollars, some even up in the 100s. Then there’s the season pass which can be another $40 and if you don’t have online that’s another $60 so they’re getting their money without having to charge on MTX.
I just hate that people give in and be like, “Well this is how games are now.”
NO, that’s not how games are and to change it you can just speak with your wallet. Buy the base content and nothing more and it’ll change. People just are sigh


Yeah, I understand both points of view and am determined to stay out of that argument. I guess I’m curious about the people in the middle since I’ve heard them complain about it being too expensive but none of them have clarified what that means to them.

Everything could be so much better if iron was earnable.

Gone are those days for me when I enjoyed getting all sets of weapons…I’m still using the tester weapon skins I got for free.


Well considering the fact that it’s not a character for $8 and it’s a skin, yeah that’s expensive. Also, given the fact that they’re splitting up weapons and not doing full sets and it’s about 500 iron or roughly 5 to 8 a skin for a weapon that adds up quickly too. If you get a full weapon set you’re almost buying the game twice. At least, that’s the math of it in my head. Someone else will have to clarify that point since I avoid the iron store like the plague but from what I’ve gathered from multiple threads, it’s pretty bad price wise.


Ugh, yeah. Definitely a completionist’s nightmare.

On principle I avoid in-game purchases but $1 or $2 would be fair for a skin if it was cool enough. I’d even pay a few bucks for the Horde Grace character.

It’d remain an issue even if the prices were 20-25% of what they are now. Players that already paid $60-80 or more would still have to buy content if they wanted to get close to the starting available content of it’s predecessor.

This is said ignoring that the release of 5 has been rocky outside of paywalls and microtransactions. They want us to pay for content that should be Day 1, for a game that shouldn’t have been released as early as it was? Every day is a new bug, not recieving match/Tour awards, connection issues, progress not registering, etc.