Hahaha you guys played gears 5 wrong all this time

Today i just discovered something that finally made me uninstall this game.
Here i am giving you the ultimate way to perform properly in this game the advice may sound crazy but you just need :

  • A phone
  • An xbox (1/X/S)
    -A 4g phone connection type.

You thought playing gears on optic fiber was intelligent ? Guess what you are so wrong!
The lag compensator in this game is the biggest joke ever made hahaha well done :+1:
On 20 ping i’m eating all the chunk and the shots like a pro ! Especially the very bs one.
But suddenly with 60-150 ping i’m invincible! My shots hits all the time especially very bs shot! So nice TC cAn YoU PlEaSe ExPlAin HoW iN 2o2o ?!!
Also you don’t have to wallbounce this much (just use it to abuse the lag you provide from your bad connection ) with this technique just botwalk your way to the enemy they will almost never chunk you.

I changed internet provider so i had 48h without optic fiber and i never performed this well on gears playing with the connection share of my phone.

I just made another test and yeah the difference is too insane… just try it guys you’ll see by yourself…


It is very weird how having the best connection can be a bad thing.

Also having a high ping can also be a good thing.

From my experience it varies. If my pings high it’s unbearable but sometimes I’m a sponge god.

Very weird for sure.

This is why I don’t play UMG anymore.

Too many variables.

Sometimes low ping is a disadvantage & sometimes it’s an advantage? Too inconsistent for me to try to invest time & play competitively.


This is widely known, OP. There’s a reason I wan’t pings over 20-30 gone from ranked.


40 or I cant hang:(

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i in australia connect outside country minimum 120ms. ive played from 10ms to 400ms games. It seems like under 200ms is best. its like every 100ms of level the game responds differently. what i want to know is why it only takes a 3rd of my lancer to down someone point blank in the leg. but when i real game i have to spam the whole clip to just down. then reload. then kill them!

it wasnt until the latest operation i was able to find FFA games constantly. id search for 2 hours when FFA was released and I couldnt play!

When I have low ping (<70) the game just plays right. Game feels consistent throughout.

But when I have high ping, majority of my shots miss. When I am in a 1v1 confrontation, if I shoot a gnasher point blank on to an enemy, it has no effect at all and the enemy manages to gib me. When the killcam plays, it shows me that I haven’t fired my gun at all!!! Even though the shooting animation was shown clearly moments back.
And this scenario happens quite often.

People with low ping are at a distinct advantage over people with high ping.

That’s what I have experienced, with my ping ranging from 150-240. Don’t understand why people still complain that high ping is advantageous over low ping, this is simply not true,


It’s hard to take your take on this serious when you already admitted that you play with a wifi-connection.

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By how much would the ping drop by if I switch to ethernet?
And the lowest ping I have ever gotten was 57.

Depends on your connection, but if I actually end up in my own region my ping is 1.

Maybe you are really close to your server location?

I dream of 1 ping…

I really doubt that TC has servers in the middle of Germany.

Amazing for PvE, PvP is unplayable with it.


No, you dont actually.

Playing gears at a 1ms ping feels like playing any other game at 300ms.

Gotta remember, they wanted to make it “fair” so your 150ms could have a chance against my 1ms.


Not everyone lives near a server and can have 20-30 or below ping. I’m regular 50-70 on most American servers using good internet on wired connection sending my data from Canada. Should I not be allowed to play ranked? Sounds kind of unreasonable to me.

Yes, that’s the point.

Enjoy your wait times then.

Don’t worry. I won’t touch Ranked unless they heavily restrict access.

So you won’t touch it but feel other people should be excluded? How egalitarian of you.

I don’t touch it because other DON’T get excluded.

Well I was playing along with your hypothetical if you noticed.

I think you exaggerate the difference between near zero and 60 ping average. I doubt there is any advantage at all. Or if there is, it’s for the near zero ping player. I think this difference in ping is just a convenient scapegoat to explain a less desired outcome.